Cuetec R-360 Edge Blue with Maple Wood Grip 13-731

Product ID #: 2002241-0052


Reg Price: $269.95


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Cuetec R360

For over 25 years Cuetec has been making professional caliber cues at prices the casual player can afford. With over 200 major tournament wins, Cuetec is one of the winningest brands in the world. Shane "The South Dakota Kid" Van Boening, U.S. Open winner, says "Cuetec has a better feel, aiming system, and control. Cuetec has a great product and I am happy to endorse them. Shop Cuetec pool sticks at Billiard Factory!

  • Tiger Everest 10 layer laminated Pigskin tip
  • 15 ½” Super Slim Taper. (S.S.T.) The longest pro taper of any production cue made today
  • weight adjustable
  • The shaft is made of Grade A Plus North American Maple
  • Constructed with a tubular composite core surrounded by 4 computer cut maple sections for greater accuracy

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