Nyala Contemporary Pool Table in Natural Finish

Product ID #: 2005483-WEB


Reg Price: $4999.99
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The combination of simplicity and modernity encompasses the elements of design of the Nyala Contemporary Pool Table polished with a warm Natural Finish!The Nyala Pool Table is delicately made featuring expert construction. It is manufactured to precision with the finest pieces of solid Maculata wood that generate extreme resistance to dent and scratch - making it the perfect game set! The structure and design of this table are perfected with Rhino-Tuff rails completing its contemporary statement effortlessly. Match every game room setting with warm and neutral tones with its natural stain intricately polished over the surface of its wood allowing the grain to be visible. The post leg style is strategically crafted to provide optimum stability to support and balance this elegant table. Give your family a memorable gaming experience with this pool table from Billiard Factory!

The professionals won’t play on anything less than Premium cloth and neither should you.

Upgrade to the BF Premium Cloth for:

  • Teflon sealed spill resistant
  • Less-maintenance nap and shed free
  • Faster playing surface
  • Professional grade felt
  • 12 Vibrant colors

Upgrade to the Premium Accessory Play Kit for:

  • Four 2-piece Irish linen wrapped cues (18, 19, 20 and 21 ounces)
  • Brass headed bridge
  • Wooden 8 and 9 ball racks
  • Brush, Rule Book and chalk (to match felt color)
  • Ambassador ball set
  • Deluxe 2-piece wall cue rack


  • Constructed with solid Maculata wood.
  • Dent and scratch resistant surface.
  • Perfected with Rhino Tuff Rails.
  • Polished with a Natural Finish.
  • Designed with a natural stain that makes the grain visible.