Bar Stool Buying Guide

When purchasing bar stools it is important to have accurrate measurements for the area where the bar stools will be located. The most common sizes of bar stools are "counter height" and "bar height", but your height requirement will be determined by the height of your counter and/or table. The following charts should help you determine what size stool will best fit your requirements. Please keep in mind that the dimesions referenced above are recommendations only. If you would like additional assistance getting the right size stool to meet your requirements, please contact one of our sales professionals.

Seat Height Recommendations

Stool Type Stool Seat Height (A) Bottom of Counter / Table Height (B)
Kitchen / Vanity 18" 28" - 30"
Counter 24" - 26" 35" - 36"
Bar 29" - 30" 40" - 42"
Standing Bar 34"+ 44" - 48"

Spacing Recommendations

Stool Total Width Recommended Spacing Between Stools*
16" - 18" 21" - 22"
19" - 22" 24" - 25"
* Stools that swivel or have arms may require additional space.