Go On… Add That Home Bar!

Home Bars are a great way to spice up your game room, media room or man cave! They allow you to enjoy your favorite adult beverage and snacks in the comfort of your home.

Pub Table

Pub tables should be big enough to to provide room to sit down and enjoy your food or drink but small enough to be out of the way. The Madison Pub Table is large enough to fit two bar stools from our store! This is perfect for extra seating in your game room or a small table to set refreshments on!

Sometimes space is limited in game rooms which is why we have a selection of wall pub tables or a corner pub shelf that will fit easily in the corners of any room!

Home Bar Accessories

What good is a home bar without some bottle openers? These 8 and 9 Ball Steel Bottle Openers are a fun way to open your favorite bottle of beer or soda! These ashtrays will match perfectly with your bottle openers and pool table!

Home bars don’t have to take up an entire room in your home, adding a small home bar is a great addition to your house!

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Gear Up for the Super Bowl

In case you missed it, The NFL Super Bowl is on February 2nd, which means you have less than a month to make your game watching station the envy of football fans everywhere!

Sit in Comfort

Reclining while watching the game sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the team your rooting for win big therefore we bring you the Revere Power Recline Home Theater Seating. Not only does it provide comfort but it is also covered in durable leather so that it’s easy to clean. The best part? It’s quick ship so it usually ships in 3-7 days.

All About the Snacks

Food and football go hand-in-hand. Everyone loves a quick bite when they’re watching the game so we’re going to share some of our favorite recipes with you! Pepperoni Pizza Potato Skins are the combination of two delicious treats! They will take about an hour to make but they are sure to win your friends over!

If you’re staying healthy for the New Year, try these Strawberry Greek Yogurt Popsicles!  They are relatively healthy sweet treats and only use three ingredients. If healthy desserts are not your idea of good football food, you can also make this football shaped Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie!

Miscellaneous Items For Fun

Any excuse is a good excuse to stock up on NFL gear. Even if your team doesn’t make it the Super Bowl this year, representing your team always feels good! You can pick up stools, dart cabinet sets and pool balls in our NFL Shop.

Now that you have your comfortable seating and party snack, enjoy all that the Super Bowl has to offer!

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Top Shot Tips

Hit Your Mark

Throwing a dart to the center of the board is a skill few have mastered. If you’re a fan of this bar pastime but haven’t mastered the art of dart throwing, we have some great tips for you.

First, line up your eyes, the dart and the target you want to hit. Aiming and backward move on the dart are important steps in getting ready to take your shot. Acceleration of the dart is not as important as one would think. Make sure that you throw the dart hard enough to reach your target but not with too much force. Finally, and probably the most important, is the follow through. The best way to successfully follow through is to end up with your hand aiming at your target.

Straight Shooter

Billiards is a beautiful game, but it is one that takes practice and patience. Most people put tons of power behind a shot to ensure you make it in the pocket but that is not always the best tactic. Shooting slow and steady will help you control the shot. Don’t jerk the cue as it will cause your shot to go off course.

What They Have in Common

While these two seem like two different games, the rules for making the perfect shot are very similar. You always want to aim for your target (or pocket) and follow through to ensure your hitting your mark every time!

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Versatile, Convenient Conversion Tops Make Entertaining Easy

This is the time of year when we begin to fret over the logistics of holiday entertaining. One of the biggest worries is whether or not we’ll have enough room to comfortably entertain our guests, especially when a sit-down meal is involved. With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about solutions for feeding a big crowd.

Did you know that you can turn your pool table into additional dining space by adding a conversion top? Conversion tops turn a fun space into a functional space, and are perfect for hosting parties.

Dine, Then Play!

Converting your billiard table to a dining surface is as simple as purchasing a dining conversion top. Investing in a conversion top will give you ease and flexibility in entertaining like you have not experienced before.

If you think you have to choose between a pool table and a dining table, think again—a conversion top is the best of both worlds, and allows you to host a seamless party that moves from appetizers, to dinner, to after-dinner gaming in no time at all.

Fun, and Games

For even more versatility, consider a conversion top that does double duty. Our pool table dining top with reversible poker game side allows you to seat 12-14 people (depending on table size) and a quick flip of the top means you can go from potluck to poker as soon as the dishes are cleared.

Visit your nearest Billiard Factory location today to learn more about how we can make your holiday party planning a little bit easier, and a lot more entertaining! And don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Here’s a Tricked Out Treat for Your Game Room

This year the trick or treaters will need to wait.  At least until you finishing playing a few rounds on your new arcade game from Billiard Factory.  Billiard Factory offers several vintage treats that will add some fun to your game room and make giving candy to kids dressed up as vampires a definite low priority.

Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga

This classic game will take you back to a time when Michael J. Fox was traveling through time in a DeLorean.  In addition to the title games of Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga, this model includes several other throwbacks for your entertainment.  For $3495, you will also get Pac-Man, Speedy Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga.  With reproduction artwork from the original games, the only thing missing is Huey Lewis and the News singing in the back ground.

Arcade Legends 3 Pedestal Arcade Game

With Arcade Legends + Golden Tee Fore inside, this machine is the greatest collection of arcade games ever amassed.  This machine includes all 29 award winning Golden Tee courses.  In addition, you will have an A-Z of legendary arcade games in your game room, a total of 130 games at your fingertips.  Once you have it set up in your home, your biggest problem will be figuring out which game to play first.

Don’t worry about those kids looking for candy this Halloween.  Let the neighbors take care of them this year.  With a new arcade game from Billiard Factory, you have your own tricked out treat to keep you company for a while.

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It’s a Great Time to Upgrade Your Home Bar

We believe that there is more to serving your friends a favorite drink than just pouring their preferred selection into a glass and handing it to them.  The ambience is just as important as the drink in the glass.  With the fall season just begun and the holidays still to come, this is a great time to upgrade your home bar making it a comfortable place for all of your guests to relax, enjoy a drink and soak in the wonderful atmosphere.

Centennial Bar

Have you outgrown your bar?  The Centennial Bar from Brunswick gives you a stylish way to serve all of your guests with a smile.  The classic cabinet includes turn-of-the-century style design.  It includes a space for your refrigerator as well as adjustable shelving. It also has a 77” laminate countertop which provides carefree maintenance and durability.

Take A Load Off

After a long week at the office, there is nothing quite like being able to pull up a chair to the bar with a few good friends.  Billiard Factory has a large selection of barstools where your guests can take a load off.  A few of these 29 inch Augusta barstools are a perfect complement for your bar upgrade.  The hardwood design of this barstool makes it perfect for everyday usage.

Let There Be Light

Do you need more light in your bar to make it just right?  A few lights on the wall, like this Liberty Wall Sconce, will help you find just the right mix for your guests.  Balancing light and darkness is an art, so be patient until you find just the right ambience.

Centennial Pub Table

Your guests will want to mingle, so you will need space for conversations throughout the room.  A Centennial pub table provides a gathering spot for several of your friends.  The solid octagonal table is a perfect place to place a drink while catching up on the week’s events.  The table also converts into a game board, with chess and checkerboard pieces included.

WIth the weather cooling down, it is an ideal time to make those improvements to your bar that you have been thinking about.  Billiard Factory has the furniture you need to for the upgrade.  Let Billiard Factory help you make your home bar a place that guests will rave about until the new year.

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A Home Theater Lets You Watch Movies Whenever you Want

If you and your family loves watching movies, an investment in a home theater is money well spent.  This luxury allows you to watch movies at home whenever you want.

If you enjoy entertaining, a home theater opens a world of possibilities.  A horror movie marathon as Halloween approaches or an animated movie festival for a child’s birthday party are just two of many ideas that can happen in a home theater.

Billiard Factory’s partnership with Signature Home Theater lets you see first hand what a home theater would look and sound like in your home.  Signature’s “showroom within a showroom” concept gives you the opportunity to experience a simulated home theater.  Signature’s showroom even includes a listening room where you can test drive specific speakers.  The whole experience is designed to help you decide exactly what you need in your home theater with experts there to guide your search.

When it comes to seating for your new home theater, Billiard Factory has you covered as well.  Palliser theater seating starts at an affordable $570.

What kind of seating you need for your home theater is as unique as the movies you like to watch.  Billiard Factory’s partners from Signature will help you get just what you are looking for.  These experts will help you determine the ideal seats to fit your theater based on the size of your room, your tastes, your budget and other personal details.

Visit Billiard Factory and their Signature Home Theater partners today to start designing your custom home theater.  Before you know it, all you will need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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The Dominion Collection is Coming to Billiard Factory

The Billiard Factory is preparing a brand new line of furnishings to help outfit your game room.  The Dominion Collection, which includes home bars, game chairs and more will be available from The Billiard Factory soon.

Full details about the Dominion Collection will be released shortly.  Every item is being checked and double checked so that the collection will be of the highest quality, allowing you to complete the perfect game room setup.

The Dominion Collection line of eye-catching furniture will spruce up any game room.  For example, imagine playing your favorite card game at this game table from the Dominion Collection.  Start preparing your floor plan now.

The Billiard Factory is your source for pub tables, bar stools and pool tables.  The addition of the Dominion Collection will increase your options as you fill your game room with fun and style.

The Dominion Collection is coming soon.  Prepare your game room for it today.

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A New Felt Surface Makes Your Table Look and Play Better

A new felt surface on your pool table can make it look better and play better.  The Billiard Factory has a full collection of kits available so you can put a brand new premium playing area on your table.

If a pool table is used four to six hours a day, the felt should last about three years.  After that time period, old felt, especially if is in a humid climate, will become slow and sticky.  This condition will cause your billiard balls to roll more slowly than they should on the table.  A new felt surface allows balls to roll more appropriately.

Dramatic pool table

An old felt surface also collects dirt and debris.  Inevitably, this debris will stick to the balls. Over time dirty balls don’t roll as true. A new felt surface will help you keep your balls clean. Finally, an old pool table surface sticks out like a sore thumb.

Whether it has visible wear or a grungy appearance, or both, a worn out surface doesn’t look good.  A new felt surface will bring the sparkle back to your game room’s centerpiece.

The Billiard Factory has just the remedy you need for your tired felt surface.  The Billiard Factory offers hundreds of felt options that will bring your table back to life.  With selections from Brunswick, Championship, Iwan Simonis, Olhausen Billiards and Wave 7 to choose from, your table can look brand new in no time.

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If You’re Creating a Game Room, Be Inspired by Houzz

If your home’s game room or entertainment center needs some inspiration, the Billiard Factory is pleased to introduce you to Houzz.  Visitors to the Billiard Factory section of the Houzz website will find a visual community where their imaginations will be sparked by a vibrant online community of design aficionados.

The website boasts the largest residential design database in the world. Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality.

After registering for a free Houzz membership, you will be able to efficiently organize your favorite game room ideas in one place. The site’s Ideabook feature makes it easy to collect, sort and recall the items you come across that are perfect for your home.

As a collaborative platform, Houzz gives you direct access to a community of design-minded users.  Through the site, you can chat with professionals for advice.  You can also seek out other homeowners, who are undertaking projects similar to your own.  With Houzz at your fingertips, you are never alone as you assemble your game room.

Once you are enjoying your game room, be sure to share it with your neighbors on Houzz. With a few simple clicks, you can share pictures of your completed project with the community.  Providing feedback is easy too, so be prepared to read the compliments about your completed project.

Billiard Factory is the source for everything you need to put together an awesome game room.  They are excited to introduce you to the Houzz community.  This innovative online community will make the experience of creating a place to relax even more enjoyable.


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Let Your Game Room Reflect Who You Are

You want a game room that reflects who you are.  Your dreams.  Your aspirations.  Where you have been and, more importantly, where you are going.  The Lantana Pool Table Billiards Package from the Billiard Factory is a perfect fit for the picture you want to paint.

An 8 foot Lantana pool table is the centerpiece of the package.  With its maple wood stained in brandy finish and decorative ball and claw leg style, this table will capture the attention of everyone who visits your game room.

As nice as the table is to look at, playing on the Lantana is even more enjoyable. The Championship Invitational Billiard Cloth made of woolen fabric provides a smooth game every time.  Die cast side and corner pocket frames offer a target for your next shot. Oversized rails and brown leather pocket shields make the experience complete.

The package also includes everything you need to get your game started with the Diplomat

Accessories Billiard Play Kit.  The kit includes two Avenger Series pool cues, an Ambassador Pool Ball Set, an 8-ball rack and a 9-nine ball rack, so you are ready to play at any time.

For those who are waiting to play the next game on your Lantana table, the package includes two designer 30-inch bar stools and a Larosa Pub Table.  The maple table and complementary padded seating provide a comfortable spot for conversation before returning to the table for another match.

When you are done for the day, hang your cue on a Ventura Cue Rack. The wall-mounted rack, included in the package, holds up to eight cues, so they will be ready to use the next time you are ready to play.

Your game room is an extension of who you are. With the Lantana Pool Table Billiards Package, it’s a place where you can show the world your passions and your sense of style.

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Fall and Football

In Houston, the summer is hot, really hot. There comes a point towards the end of the summer when a rare cold front rolls through, bringing the searing temperature down to a brisk 95 degrees, and we finally start to feel like fall is around the corner. With fall comes not only the hope for a more temperate climate, but that feeling deep down in your bones that football season is drawing near.

Host with Pride

If you’re a parent during this time of year a number of things may or may not have happened to you. If you have kids, you’ve probably just made it through the first few weeks of school that are always more hectic than you can anticipate. If you have older kids, you’ve moved them into their dorms at college and finally have some time to relax at home with few distractions. Now is the time to show off your game room to all your friends. Have them over for a relaxing night and a couple games of pool, or treat your neighbors to a movie in your home theater. Make the most of this time of year, it only comes once!

Football Season

Fall, like the holiday season, is a time of joy and happiness. But not only because we get to give and receive presents: because football season begins! There isn’t anything quite like cheering on your favorite team with your closest family and friends, and thousands of other supporters rooting for or against your cause. What better way to celebrate autumn than having a football party at your home? So break out the salami and cheese, cook up some barbeque and get ready to cheer on your team!

The Billiard Factory is the perfect one stop shop for all your football related home furnishings. Whether its bar stools, TV stands, chairs or benches, Billiard Factory has what you need to get your place geared up for football season. Head over to our NFL Shop and check out our comprehensive selection of bar stools, dart cabinet sets, pub tables and more; perfect for the ultimate fan’s man cave!  For more ideas visit the Billiard Factory Facebook page, check out our pins on Pinterest, and don’t forget to stop by the website!

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Fall Furnishings at the Billiard Factory

Start the season off with a state-of-the-art start and freshen up your home furnishings. Watch the Texans in all their glory with a new TV stand, update your home office for when work begins to kick back into gear and create a space to relax from a hard day’s work with a home bar. Take a look at what the Billiard Factory has to offer.

Take a Stand

Is your TV room looking a little tired? Accent that awesome new big screen you bought over Labor Day weekend with a new TV stand. The Metro Series TV Stand 136 by Lumisource  is an excellent option with the ability to hold a 37in to 60in TV. With a new vibe to your TV room you’ll be in the right state of mind to cheer the Texans on to victory this season!

Take a Seat

Fall is generally a time when business picks back up after vacations end and school begins. Update your home office furniture to lift your spirits and get down to business or set your kids up with a new desk for a little motivation this school year. Achieve supreme comfort while working with a 3610 Chair by California House. It is generously proportioned, features a diamond tufted back and upholstered arms are added for extra style and panache.

Take a Break

The Brunswick Centennial Bar is sophisticated and adds a touch of elegance with beautiful hand-inlays emblematic of turn-of-the-century design.  Features like a refrigerator cavity, two wine chillers, a lockable cabinet, a glassware rack and a dry sink are sure to please. It just goes to show that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality!

To find other home furnishing updates for fall visit our website, or stop in one of our locations and visit with our knowledgeable and professional staff.

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Back-to-School and Pool

It can be a challenge for kids to see learning as fun, but we’ll show you how to peak their interest. Some fun requires learning as a prerequisite to excelling in the game. In order to master the game of billiards, one must consider more than simply hitting the ball with the cue. Read on to find out how playing pool incorporates problem solving, geometry and physics.

Consider All the Angles

Playing pool requires thinking about all your options and the various angles. From the moment you “break” you must consider the obvious and obscure options in order to begin to beat the competition. Also, you have to think past the choice in front of you and consider how it will affect things down to the road.  Not only will your immediate decision affect your opponent’s options; your decision in the short-term will definitely affect your future potential plays. It’s imperative for players to take their time, perhaps walk around the table and take a look from different vantage points, in order to make an educated decision.


Physics comes into play in determining the reaction of the balls. For instance, you must hit a ball with a cue stick at some sort of an angle. If you hit it straight on, then the cue ball follows right behind the colored ball into the pocket. This is considered a scratch, which is a rather unfavorable result.

What’s Your Angle?

Angles are everywhere in the game of pool and the sooner someone embraces this; the sooner they will become a skillful pool player. There are inlaid markings that look like diamonds on the sides of pool tables to help guide you when making bank shots by utilizing them to create right triangles. Continue reading on how to use geometry and angles for great pool shots and find out great teaching problems here.

Let the Billiard Factory help get your home ready for some fun and a little learning too! The Trinity Pool Table Billiards Package is a great way to update a game room all at a discount! Visit us at one of our showroom locations or on our website for the latest on how to incorporate some fun into the learning process.

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Take a Break from “Back-to School” and Refuel!

Back-to-school time can be an exciting time for kids- picking out their outfit for the first day of school, a fresh start on classes and reuniting with friends they haven’t seen in a few months. Parents may find it nice to have a break from keeping track of and entertaining the kids all summer. However, all the newness and to-do lists can become overwhelming at times. It is important to take some time out from the flurry of back-to-school activities to relax and regroup as a family. Continue reading to find out some family-friendly suggestions.

Don’t Forget the Popcorn

There is a great selection of movies that have recently come out on DVD, such as the movie classic remake, The Great Gatsby, and an animation film starring Beyonce and Collin Farrell, Epic. Share some down time with your family in the comfort of your own home and avoid the hassles of movie theater lines, parking and schedules. Check out the amazing selection of home theater seating at the Billiard Factory while they are on sale now! The Palliser Auxiliary Home Theater Seating is affordably priced, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and 4 to 6 weeks shipping.

Feel the Breeze

If you want something with more interaction, then an air hockey or foosball table is another way to go. The Dynamo Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table is great, with ultra-quiet, high-volume blowers to keep things moving at a fast pace. As far as foosball tables go, the Tornado Elite Foosball Table is by far nicer than any you would find at a local watering hole or arcade. A little competition can really help you unwind!

For more ideas on how to make your home a fun and relaxing environment for the family during back-to-school time this year, check out the Billiard Factory website or stop in one of our locations today.

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Back to School Bash

It’s that time of the year to get back in the swing of things. Although you may have the tangibles- back-to-school backpacks, lunch boxes, and clothing – taken care of, don’t forget the importance of reuniting the old and getting to know the new students, parents and teachers. Hosting a back-to-school bash can be a wonderful way to reacquaint and catch up with the people you and your children will be spending a lot of time with over the school year. We’ve taken a look at some great back-to-school party ideas for your consideration this fall.

Party at the Pool

Take advantage of the extended summer weather in Texas and throw a pool party for your children’s classmates, fellow parents, and invite their new teachers! You can host a pool party at your own pool, the neighborhood pool or a friend’s pool. Create a relaxed atmosphere outside of the school setting and encourage a comfortable environment for everyone, parents and students alike, to regain their social footing. Throw some burgers on the grill and have a water Olympics competition with prizes!

Pool Your Funds for a Cause

Teach your children to appreciate their back-to-school supplies by offering aid to other children by hosting a back-to-school party for a cause! Host a donation party for a cause where everyone brings their old backpacks and new and gently used school supplies to donate to a local charity.

Party Playing Pool

Host a back-to-school party in your own game room and encourage some healthy competition and interaction among your children’s classmates, parents and teachers. Update or add a game room to your home to set the grounds for an exciting party and start things off right this school year. Beautifully made back to school billiards are on sale at the Billiard Factory.  Consi der the Ashbee Pool Table by Brunswick, which is sure to impress your guests and add some extra seating with the Tristan Bar Stool. Get more for your money with the Trinity Pool Table Billiard Package! Visit the Billiard Factory online or at one of our locations to prepare for this year’s back-to-school bash!

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Advocate A’s This School Year

There are many ideas on how to motivate children and teens towards achieving good grades, but one thing is certain, there are a large number of students that suffer from lack of motivation. According to a recent Forbes article, 40 percent of students in high school are disengaged from their studies. We took a closer look at possible motivators.

Motivation and the Lack Thereof

Motivation is the reason or reasons someone has for taking action. Symptoms of a lack of motivation are feeling misunderstood, missing goals and losing interest quickly. These symptoms are usually caused by a low self-esteem, drug use, learning disabilities, a fear of failure, boredom and the list goes on.

The Approach

How to motivate children in regard to school is often a mystery for parents. Some children are overwhelmed with pressure and don’t know where to begin with large, daunting tasks, such as studying for the SAT’s. Other children aren’t challenged enough. Part of determining what method will best motivate a student is considering their individual personality and challenges.

Types of Motivation

Incentives are often a great way to motivate action. Depending on the situation, age and personality, incentive motivation often drives people to achieve a specific goal. For younger students, a gold star or ice cream can be incentives. Teenagers might be motivated by the reward of a car on their 16th birthday for staying on the honor roll all year. A pool table or air hockey table would be a wonderful reward for a wide age range. Fear, personal satisfaction and social factors are other types of motivation. Fear motivation typically involves negative consequences if a goal is not achieved, such as losing a car or some other privilege. Click here to find out more about various motivating factors.

Swing by one of the Billiard Factory locations this weekend to find an exciting reward for your kids before school starts. The Billiard Factory’s back-to-school sale is the perfect time to check out what game is perfect to motivate your kids this school year!

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Hot Texas Heat

Brighten Up Your Home

Avoiding the hot and blazing summer sun is difficult in the state of Texas. Try brightening up the inside of your home with a game room to evade the heat and have fun with the whole family. Let’s take a look at the different elements you’ll want in a home game room.

Pool Table

The heart of a game room is usually the pool table. When deciding on a pool table, go for quality, size, functionality and style. Read about all the components to consider before you buy here. Billiard Factory has a huge range of pool tables and can help you narrow down which table will be optimal for you and your family. For instance, the Black Diamond Pool Table is the perfect fit for those with more modern tastes and comes in 7ft and 8ft. The espresso finished Ashbee Pool Table is a beautiful and elegant pool table for any traditional styled home. Get the matching Cue Wall Rack to continue the exquisitely distinctive designs across the room.

Game On!

Turn off the PlayStation and challenge your kids to some arcade games! The Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Size Home Edition is sure to impress with 6 games in 1. Take a trip to the closest Billiard Factory showroom and have some family fun trying out all your game options. Decide between air hockey, table tennis, foosball, shuffleboard and darts.


Once you’ve narrowed down which games you would like to include in your home game room, then it is time to explore bar furniture, lighting options and artwork keep your game room feeling as lively as you and your family will be with all of the indoor fun! Visit the Billiard Factory online or stop in to get your game room up to speed!

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Race Inside and Out of the Heat

One great way to escape from Houston’s crazy summer heat is to race into the closest indoor go-kart racetrack. Once you park, pay and pick up your protective gear, there are a few rules of the road you should know. Read on to find out how you and your family can stay cool, stay safe and have some fun!


Position Yourself to Win

The way you sit and hold the wheel can actually affect your performance more than you would expect. It turns out that if you lean back and fight the urge to bounce in the seat, then the handling of the kart will be far superior. It is advantageous to follow the manufacturer-recommended seating positions, although they might not feel like the most comfortable option. Find some important safety tips here to adhere to while racing go-karts.


Hold On

Be sure to hold the steering wheel symmetrically and positioned correctly. An east approach to take is to think of the steering wheel as a clock. Between where 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock would be is the lowest acceptable spot and between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock is the highest suitable spot to grip the wheel.


Strait Up 

Try to drive straight as long as you can before turns because turning slows down the kart’s speed.  When you do have to turn, lay on your breaks fast and hard, which will make the back breaks almost lock. Right before turning, start to release the breaks and allow the kart to start picking up speed again. Learn more detailed techniques on how to maneuver a go-kart here.

Discover more enjoyable indoor games to beat the heat this summer at Billiard Factory. Visit one of our locations or our website anytime!


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Air Hockey Rules!

Today’s Houston weather forecast is a high of 90F with a heat index of 95F, according to the Houston Chronicle, which doesn’t make most people eager to enjoy “fun in the sun.” Indoor games are an ideal way to entertain your friends and family during the hottest months of the year. Learn a little more about air hockey and what to look for when purchasing an air hockey table for your own home.

Creation of the Game of Air Hockey

The conceptualization of the game of air hockey and the air hockey table/s function started with three Brunswick Company employees 1969; Bob Kenrick, Phil Crossman and Brad Baldwin. However, the game wasn’t truly created until 1972, when avid hockey fan, Bob Lemieux, expanded on the rules and functionality to create the game of air hockey we know today. The first ever air hockey championship was held at Holiday Inn in New York City was home to the first ever Air Hockey World Championship in 1974, which was hosted by Brunswick. Currently, Dynamo air hockey tables are the only United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) approved for play and sanctioned air hockey tables.

Ready, Set, Start

The first player to score 7 points wins the game. When a puck enters a player’s goal, then their opponent scores a point. Players alternate tablesides after each game and each player may only play with one mallet on the playing surface at a time. Learn more about mallet, puck and table regulations, as well as more details about the game of air hockey here.

Billiard Factory has a great selection of high-quality air hockey tables, with a knowledgeable staff to help you determine which air hockey table is right for your home this hot Houston summer! Stop in one of our locations today or visit us online!

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Retreat from the Heat

Maximize your family’s fun this summer by staying out of the heat and relaxing in a full cinematic experience right in your own home. High definition televisions and hi-fi surround sound tend to be the focus on the outset for most when it comes to designing a home theater. Seating is all-too-often overlooked in the process, which can take at least a month to deliver, hindering your family’s home theater experience. Factors to consider when selecting home theater seating are the quality and durability of the materials, function and arrangement. Take a few tips from the experts and read what we have to say on the topic of home theater seating.

Quality is Key

When shopping for quality lounge chairs, there are some key components on which you should focus. Avoid the frame from warping after time and buy a lounge chair with hardwood features. Lounge chairs should be built for comfort with high resilience foam fiber inside the cushions, large-gauge springs and elastic webbing on the back, thus providing consistent suspension.


“Wallhuggers”, fully reclines with only 6in / 15cm wall clearance, allowing for greater decorating flexibility and a more efficient use of space. Palliser Reverb Home Theater Seating is a fine example of a customizable, straight or curved, “wallhugger.” When in the design stages, it is important to consider whether you want curved seating, otherwise the only choice will me bade for you with straight joints. Some home theater seating is lifetime warranties on the frame, reclining mechanism and wire seat spring and prorated warranties on seat cushioning.

One final tip; make sure your chairs can fit through doorways on your house before ordering. Visit Billiard Factory online or at one of our many locations to design your customized home theater!

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Kick Start, Jump Start or Wheel into Summer!

Summer has arrived and so has the heat. Keep your kids active and entertained this summer, while simultaneously escaping the summer heat. Creating or updating a home game room is a convenient way to make your home fun for your family and friends. Billiard Factory has the best selection of Texas bar stools, pool cues, pool tables and much more. Read on to find out more indoor activities around town that are sure to entertain your little ones this summer.

Just For Kicks

Kicks indoor soccer is located inside the loop and offers year-round indoor soccer for all ages. Your child can start at any time, signing up for a program or simply show up for a single class. Kicks’ summer camps are a great way to teach your child the fundamentals or tweak their soccer skills. Plus, parents receive a free gym membership for the duration of their child’s program.

The Sky’s the Limits

Picture an endless sea of trampolines, some flat and some angled and you will see what Sky Zone is all about. The Houston location is in southwest Houston and is open every day of the week. Take you kids to Friday or Saturday Night SkyJam, jump-start their summer with 3-D Dodgeball or try out Skyrobics for yourself!

Take the Wheel, Golf Appeal and Laser Tag Revealed

Track 21 is an indoor wonderland that opened its doors to Houston in 2004, with race cars, gold and laser tag. In fact, their Area 21 Laser Tag arena is one of the largest laser tag areas in the state where up to 50 people can play simultaneously. Birthday party packages are available as well. Check out our July Newsletter to find out more about Area 21 and all activities they offer.

We, at the Billiard Factory, are here to help with any assistance you may need with our expert staff and large selection of all you’ll need to create a home game room. Contact us online or visit us at one of our locations today!

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Take a Cue and Go!

Vacation season has arrived and if you’re a billiards fan, then you might consider a trip to one of the billiard events across the U.S. this summer. Why not challenge yourself against some out-of-town competition, watch the pros in-person or brush up on your billiard skill set? Take a look at upcoming billiard tournaments and billiard courses and decide for yourself!

What Happens in Vegas?

The BCA Pool League’s (BCAPL) 2013 National Championships will be from July 17th though July 27th. This will be the first time for the BCAPL National Championships to be held in July, rather than May, and it is also a first for the tournament to be held at the All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. If you would like to register for this competition, then you’ll have to act fast. Event registration must be submitted by Friday, June 28th. The full schedule of events can be found here. According to playbca.com, This move will permit the BCAPL to develop both the amateur nationals and the CueSports International (CSI) professional tournaments, creating a center point for varying skill levels and disciplines.

Watch the Action

The Cue-Tech Pool School Dallas by Randy Geottlicher has earned a distinguished reputation for course content and teaching through effective communication. They offer a number of classes, including classes for beginner, advanced and expert players. Read some amazing reviews of Cue-Tech’s billiard school here.

The Billiard Factory has everything you need to create a legitimate billiards room in your own home. Whether you are training to compete, simply sharpening your billiard skills or just having fun with family and friends, we’ll help you find and deliver what you need to make it happen. Visit us online or at one of our locations today!

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Lay the Foundation for a Fun-Filled 4th of July!

If you are not traveling this 4th of July, then you might be hosting your very own 4th of July party. Be certain to keep the party alive with a new or updated game room! Read on to find some great suggestions for your home game room.

Just Flip It

If you think your home is too small for a poker or pool table, then you are mistaken my friend! The Venice Reversible Top Poker and Dining Table is a stunning dining table with multiple woods and shapes available in addition to a superior poker table. Maximize your space and your home entertainment options by easily converting your Brunswick pool table into a generous buffet or elegant dining table. Click here to see the Brunswick pool table dining top, along with all of the compatible Brunswick and CONTENDER® pool tables.

Take a Seat

Much more than a place to park your derrière, bar stools can change the feel of the room, adding a touch of sophistication or excitement to the atmosphere. The Grande Spectator Stool is a classic wood chair with convenient features, like a hidden drawer under the seat. Plus, the armrests have cork-lined drink wells and pool cue stick rests. Looking to made a bold statement? The Smooch Barstool is just what you need to jazz up you game room. It is a great conversation piece and the seat is tremendously comfortable!

Visit the Billiard Factory and see all the ways in which you can rejuvenate your home for your 4th of July party before it is too late! We have an exceptional selection from which to choose, expert advice and multiple locations for your convenience.

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The Price of Victory is High, but so are the Rewards

The NFL released the formal schedule for the 2013 season and we are thrilled to see how the Houston Texans fare. Although they are the youngest franchise in the League, the Houston Texans are a frontrunner to win the 2013 Super Bowl title, according to Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub. “We still have a ton of talent,” Schaub said when asked about the team’s potential to win in 2013, via John McClain of the Houston Chronicle. “We play at a very high level. I definitely think we are.” Read the rest of the article here.

Far and Away

We highly anticipate seeing the Houston Texans beat the Tennessee Titans on September 15th at Reliant Stadium with our own eyes! Unfortunately, we can’t be there in-person to see all of the away games, so we pick and choose which ones we can attend. Especially anticipatory is the Texans’ week 3 game in Baltimore against the Ravens, This match up has the potential to be a knockdown, arduous battle between two physical AFC challengers. How about attending the Texans vs. the Jaguars game on December 25th in Jacksonville, Florida? We would like to offer some tips for attending an away game this 2013 NFL season.

First, buy your tickets ahead of time at StubHub.com or a similar website. Then, reserve your flight, hotel and car rental as soon as you can before prices increase or availability becomes an issue. Also, get to the stadium early enough and try to find fellow Texans fans at a tailgate to rally up some team spirit. You might even want to contact the Texans fan club ahead of time, such as the Battle Red Ladies or the Bull Pen. Finally, wear team colors, but don’t be disrespectful.

Stop by one of the Billiard Factory locations and take a look at our NFL shop and pick up some of our Houston Texans pub tables, bar stools and more show your Texans team spirit!

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Nice Dart!

Its summertime and that usually means vacation for many of us. Often times, we travel with our family and friends. Typical tourist attractions and restaurants can get expensive while on vacation. Why not bring your own fun and play a couple games of darts? Playing darts is a great way to pass time with good friends or people you’ve just met and doesn’t cost much once you’ve bought your darts. Here are some tips to buying the best darts for you! Read these fun facts about darts to get your family and friends’ interest peaked.

There are three rules for becoming a good darts player: practice, practice, practice. However, there are some tips on how to set the stage of becoming a great darts player below.

Start Off on the Right Foot

Step one is to learn the basics of darts, such as the stance, grip and throw.

The proper stance is often overlooked, yet it sets up your whole dart game. Line up properly, drawing an imaginary line down to the floor and continue throwing out and up towards the bull’s-eye. This is the spot you need to consistently line up with for every throw in order to become more consistent and accurate. Learn more about the best stance to throw darts, such as firm footing tips and shoulder position here.

Throwing the dart is the hardest part, but the most rewarding once you get the hang of it. Basically, the steps include, aim, backward move, acceleration, release and follow-through. There are some amazing sites that review the art of throwing a dart. Here is one of the many websites out there that we find insightful.

Simply pack your darts in a suitcase and find the nearest place to play darts once you arrive using this great site!

If you would like to give yourself some local practice, then check out the 2013 Houston Open tournament on June 21st through June 23rd.

When you are looking for the best darts, dart boards and accessories, be sure to visit us at the Billiard Factory for expert advise on how to get started!


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Have a Ball and Hit the Road

Cooperstown, New York is the place to be July 26th-29th for baseball fans at the 3rd annual Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. A number of significant contributors to the baseball world will be honored at the Ceremony, held Saturday, July 27th.  Most notably, Thomas Till for his soon-to-be-released film, “42”, Dr. Frank Jobe for his “Tommy John Surgery” and the winners of the Ford C. Frick and J.G. Taylor Spink Awards will all be presented at the event. Additionally, The Hall of Fame will induct three new members Sunday, July 28th. Join in on all the fun and plan your visit here!

If you can’t wait until the end of July to show your MLB team spirit, check out the new Major League Baseball products at The Billiard Factory! Perhaps you want to celebrate the Houston Astros’ move to the American League this season. Check out our Houston Astros official MLB licensed team logo pool ball set, bar stools and pub tables. Whichever MLB team you root for; find official team products at The Billiard Factory.

Pull up a pair of matching MLB licensed logo bar stools and bring the ballpark, or your local pub, right into your home for some serious game action all year round. Featuring 27 inches of tabletop, extremely durable, scratch resistant acrylic material and 100% made in America.

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Alternatives to Couch-Living for Summertime Teens

Far too often teens fall into a summer routine of video games, television and surfing the Internet. They will ensconce themselves in their bedrooms never to be seen again until the school bell rings in the Fall.

Now is the time to prepare in order to stave off summer boredom. Encouraging your teen to start a hobby is a wonderful way to avoid this summer from being called “the summer of screen time”.

A great way to avoid the heat is a pool table! Worried about the cost? Try discounted deals on pool table packages that are made of maple wood and leather. Maximize your space with a pool table dining top.

If you would rather your teen get some fresh air, then we suggest an outdoor Ping-Pong table. In fact, there are a number of benefits from playing this sport, such as improved reflexes and has been described as a “high-speed” chess. Best of all, Ping-Pong is a great way to socialize with your family and their friends.

Sometimes teens find themselves with some alone time when their friends are on vacation or away at camp. Finding something fun to do on their own can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to discourage video games and television. A bank shot shuffle board table is a fantastic and unexpected game to play without a partner.

Try to avoid routine boredom and get your teen ready for a summer of excitement! Contact one of our locations if you would like to avoid summer boredom for your teen!

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Three Keys to Racking Up Wins on your Air Hockey Table

You’ve just purchased an air hockey table from the Billiard Factory.  The next logical step is to dominate everyone who decides to take you on in the sport.  Luckily for you, there are three easy steps to keep in mind that will put you ahead of the competition.

It’s All About Form- Keep your hand behind the knob of the mallet.  Grasping the mallet in this way, as opposed to on top, provides better wrist flexibility.  In addition, it allows you to move the mallet around the table with greater accuracy.

Defense Wins Championships- When your opponent has control of the puck, you need to take control of your half of the table.  If you keep your mallet at least a foot in front of the goal, you can maintain a steady defense.  Effectively guarding your territory will give you more opportunities to put the puck in your opponent’s goal.

Keep Cool & Keep it Under Control- When the puck starts flying around the table, it is tempting to hit as hard as you can as quickly as you can.  Resist that temptation.  You will be well served if you take the time to control the puck and decide on the highest probability shot.  Then, of course, proceed to shoot and score as often as possible.

Keep these three steps in mind, and you will be racking up air hockey victories in no time.  Be sure to let us know how you do!

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The Wonderful World of Watching Movies at Home


You purchased theatre seating at Billiard Factory that fits perfectly in front the big TV screen in your home.  Welcome to the wonderful world of watching a movie in the comfort of your own home.  What makes the in-home experience better than going to a movie theatre?

1.  It’s Cheaper- Taking a family to a movie theatre can cost an arm and a leg these days.  At a fraction of the cost, you can rent a movie or find one online.

2.  You Set the Schedule-  There’s no need to worry about movie start times when you watch the show at home.  If you want the movie to start at 8:21, that’s when it starts.

3.  Directions?  We Don’t Need No Directions-  No driving is required when all you have to do is find your way to your den, game room or movie watching room. There’s no chance you will get lost.  Come to think of it, you won’t have to pay for parking either.

4. You Control the Pause Button-When you need a break for a snack or a phone call or a trip to the restroom,  you are in control.  You won’t miss a second of action if you have to leave the room.

5. More Food Options-  If you are looking for something healthier to eat during the picture, your refrigerator is right in the next room.  If you keep your fridge stocked, you can avoid concession stand lines and have just what you want on your movie-watching menu.

6. You Won’t Miss a Thing-  If you miss some dialogue or if you don’t understand a plot twist, you can discuss it with your friends.  You don’t need to worry about interrupting a whole theatre full of viewers with your conversation.

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Metallica Joins Select Group by appearing on Their Own Pinball Machine

As mentioned in this space last week, the band Metallica is featured on a new series of pinball machines that you can buy at Billiard Factory.  With this addition to their resume, Metallica joins a long line of rock and rollers who have found their way onto pinball machines throughout the years.

This article by Reyan Ali takes readers on a complete journey through the history of pinball machines and rock and roll.  Here are a few of the highlights.

Elton John- John’s album Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy were featured on a machine in 1975.  There are depictions of John, who played the pinball wizard in the movie Tommy, in the game’s backglass and its playing field.

KISS- Gene Simmons and his cohorts appeared on a pinball machine in 1979.  The KISS machine includes the band’s name in flashing lights.  The game is further enhanced by paintings of dragons and enough flames to burn down Detroit.

The Who’s Tommy- A 1994 tribute to The Who’s rock opera includes an unprecedented(at the time) 21 songs.  The machine’s soundtrack was based on a Broadway version of the show.  According to promotional materials, this machine was the first to be included in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Michael Jackson- Not much is known about the pinball machine that featured the King of Pop.  Jackson, who was a pinball aficionado himself, is featured on the back glass of the machine.  He reportedly is pictured on the back of a Pepsi truck.

With the release of their pinball machine from Stern Pinball, Metallica joins special company.  The band becomes the latest in the line of musicians being heard in arcades everywhere.

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Introducing: Metallica, Pinball Wizards

The band Metallica, one of the founders of “Thrash Metal”, is featured on a new line of pinball machines being released by Stern Pinball starting this month.  The band, along with Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth, comprises the Big Four founders of Thrash Metal. Metallica, who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, will perform 12 of their songs on the Metallica Pro machine which is due out this month. The game, which will be available at Billiard Factory,  will feature a three drop target inline bank, a captive ball assembly, and a special custom molded electric chair.

A second pinball machine commemorating the band’s album Master of Puppets will be available in May.  Master of Puppets, released in 1986, was Metallica’s third studio album.  It spent 72 weeks on the Billboard top 200 chart. It was an unqualified success for the band as it went platinum six times.  Metallica toured with Ozzy Osbourne after the release of Master of Puppets. A limited number of 500 pinball machines commemorating the album will be made.

In June, Stern Pinball plans to release a Metallica Premium machine. Like the other two releases, this machine will feature the band performing 12 of their songs.  All three machines will give you the opportunity to play pinball while listening to one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time. Metallica is still performing the music that won them eight Grammy awards and earned them the title of Greatest Metal Band according to VH1.

When you put a Metallica pinball machine in your game room, you will be filling that game room with a sound that changed music.

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1981- The Year the World Met Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga first appeared in American video arcades in 1981. These two games along with others like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong swept the nation 32 years ago.

It’s no exaggeration to say that many video game players had a fever in the early 80s.  However, despite the craze, it’s doubtful that anyone imagined that they would be able to buy a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Home Edition more than three decades later.  However, at the Billiard Factory you can do just that today.

What else happened in 1981?  Let’s take a look back:

Simon and Garfunkel performed their concert in Central Park. This concert took place in front of an estimated 500,000 fans.

Luke and Laura married on the soap opera General Hospital.  At the time, it was the highest rated hour in daytime television history.

The first American test tube baby was born in Virginia.

Sandra Day O’Connor became the first female member of the United States Supreme Court.

Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was the Number 1 song on the Billboard charts.

52 American hostages were released from Iran.

Chariots of Fire won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married in London. A worldwide television audience of more than 700 million people watched.

Major League baseball players went on strike and missed over 700 games.

MTV, the first music video network on television was launched.

Were you playing Ms. Pac-Man or Galaga in 1981? How about Donkey Kong?  Did you have Pac-Man Fever?  Share a comment about what you remember from the 80s.

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Table Tennis that will Keep you on Your Toes


The Brunswick Smash 7.0 Ping Pong table is a perfect complement to your game room.  You are getting ready to put it to use, when you realize that your home has too much gravity for you to be able to play Matrix Ping Pong like the guys in the above video from a Japanese game show.

Your Smash 7.0 is great for traditional, earth bound table tennis. However, in case you want to spice up your day with some ping pong variety, your table is equipped for that as well.

Here are two zany versions of table tennis to try out on your new table:

Hit and Spin Table Tennis- This version is the cousin of the dizzy bat race that is often seen at minor league baseball parks across the country.  The rules are simple.  Every time you hit the ball over the net, place your paddle on the table and spin around once.  Once you complete the revolution, pick up the paddle and return your opponent’s hit, if you can. If you want to increase the challenge, and the intensity of your dizziness, spin twice each time before hitting the ball.

Ring Around the Table Tennis- You can add some cardiovascular exercise and a ton of laughs to your game with this version.  It’s best played with four people, two paddles and one ball.  After a player hits the ball, he leaves the paddle on the table and proceeds quickly to the other end of  the table.  All four ping pongers keep circling the table and returning the ball when it comes to them.  How do you know when the game is over? That’s easy.  When you are tired of running.

However you play your ping pong, you’ll need a spot to rest between games.  Adding a few extra benches to your space is a good idea.

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Get Your Dart Game on Target

You’ve just purchased a brand new dart board from Billiard Factory and, since you were on a roll, a set of darts to go with it. However, it has been a while since you have actually thrown a dart (no lawn darts don’t count), so you are hesitant to mount the board on the wall of your game room just yet.

Put that receipt away. Hours of dart playing enjoyment is in your future. In fact, it won’t be surprising if you become an expert after you read these tips on how to be a great dart player.

Tip #1- Concentrate on Your Approach- One key to success in darts is approaching the board in exactly the same manner every time you throw.  From your feet to your elbow to your wrist, keep it identical. Any diversion makes it harder to shoot consistently well.

Tip #2- Maintain Proper Alignment- Given the size of a dart board, there is little room for error. You should begin your throw with your wrist, elbow and shoulder in a straight line. They should all be pointing at the board.

Tip #3- Grip the Dart Lightly- There is more than one way to hold a dart, so find one that suits your preference and remember it.  A few points to keep in mind as you develop your grip. The dart should be stable in your hand and parallel to the ground(or tilted slightly upwards) at the point of release. Also, to ensure a clean release, have as little of your fingers touching the dart as possible.

Tip #4- Use a Steady Throwing Motion- Keep your shoulder still so it can provide support while your elbow and wrist build up speed.  Your elbow should rise up slightly and propel the dart to the board.

Tip #5- Pick an Awesome Darts Nickname- Darts champion Phil Taylor highly recommends a cool nickname to enhance your darts playing experience.  If you have trouble picking a nickname, attach all your good ideas to the board, and let the dart decide.

Tip #6- Practice, Practice, Practice-  Make your practice sessions as much like competitive situations as possible. This will be more effective than just throwing darts at the board. Focus your practice sessions and you will be on your way to deserving that cool nickname.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy your new dart purchase often.  However, you might want to add a dart cabinet to your shopping list to minimize the holes you put in the game room wall while you work on regaining your touch.

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Game Room Galore

Maybe your kids are finally old enough to enjoy playing pool or they have all moved out of your home so there’s space for the games you want in your rec room. Regardless of the situation, you and your spouse are in the market to create the perfect game room. Billiard Factory has you covered with everything you’ll need to make your rec room a success!

A Package Deal

Looking to start your game room in one swoop? Then check our March Madness package. Start with an 8ft Marietta pool table from Soho. This table made from Maple wood and has the elegant ball and claw style legs. You’ll also receive two Augusta Swivel Bar Stools in a rich Cappuccino finish which are perfect for letting your spectators relax in comfort. Complete the look with a 42in Florence Pub Table.

This package also includes everything to start your game with the Diplomat Billiard Accessories Play Kit. It has two Avenger Series pool cues, a bridge stick, Ambassador pool ball set, cue rank and much more!

Shed Some Light

Now that you’ve got your games secured, it’s time to talk about lighting. To create the perfect atmosphere for gaming, you’ll want to consider installing a light over your new table. Choose from the typical stained glass billiard fixture to the more modern brass fixtures. When looking at lights, remember to think about how much light each fixture will give off and if that will be enough to properly light the pool table and your room. For more tips, read our post on lighting.

We hope these products will help get your dream game room started. Be sure to visit your local Billiard Factory or our website to see our large selection of games and furniture for your game room!

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Spring Cleaning- Pool Table Edition

Spring cleaning may have begun to take care of the rest of your home, but what about your pool table? If you can’t remember the last time, you gave the felt a good brushing or the outside a good rub down with polish, then it is time you do so. Here are some steps to get your table back in shape.


Grime Be Gone

eHow.com suggests starting by cleaning the non-felt edges of the table. You can either brush the dirt onto the floor or the table. Next take a pool table brush like this horsehair brush from Outlaw. You’ll want sweep the dirt from the center of the table to the closest pocket with straight strokes. According to WikiHow.com, you never want to use a circular motion because this will cause the felt to rub up. Then you simply take a rag and wipe out the pockets.

To prevent any grime getting on the table, make you sure regularly clean your billiard balls as well. You should wipe them down with a rag and billiard ball cleaner. This will help the balls keep their shine and reduce any felt burns on the table. If a ball falls off the table while playing, Yahoo Voices suggest wiping off the ball with a clean cloth before putting it back on the table.

If you’ve cleaned your table and realized that the felt is has seen better days, then it is time to replace it. At Billiard Factory, we offer re-felting among our number of pool table services and we carry an exclusive Simonis cloth that is resistant to pilling and spills. Be sure to give us a call today to re-felt your table in the best today!

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Get The Ball Rolling: The History of Billiards

Starting as a lawn game, the game of billiards has since evolved into a popular sport that can be seen on well known networks like ESPN. What changed to take this game from the outdoors to in?

Be Noble

Sports historian, Ralph Hickok, says that billiards first appeared in the 15th century in France as an indoor version of a croquet like game. While it was played by ordinary people and nobility, it was the upper class that was able to purchase the early “table billiards” for their homes. The original table was similar to how the table is today; the wooden table had green cloth to represent grass and simple border around the edges. The billiard balls were shoved around the table by wooden sticks with a foot on the end called maces.

During the 1600’s, the pool cue as we know it was invented. When the ball would come to rest by next to the railing, hitting it with the mace’s foot became very difficult. In order to combat this, people would use the tail or “queue” of the mace to shoot the ball, thus the cue was born! An interesting fact: beginning players weren’t allowed to use the cue because advanced players/table owners were worried they would rip the cloth.

It’s A Game

As the billiards spread throughout Europe, different variations of the game began popping up. English Billiards began in the 1770’s. The game was played with three balls on a six-pocket table. The French played another variation called carom billiards, which is played on a table without pockets.

Along with other current games, English settlers brought billiards to America. During the early 19th century, billiards began to gain popularity throughout the new country. The term pool also became interlinked with billiards during this time frame. The popular game for Americans until the 1870’s was American Four-Ball billiards. It was played on a large table with four pockets and four balls.

In the 20th century, billiards saw a drop in popularity in the US. Luckily, Hollywood intervened with two movies: “The Hustler” and “The Color of Money.” These films breathed new life into billiards with upscale pool halls popping up all over the nation.

For more billiard history, visit the Billiard Congress of America. Be sure to stop into your local Billiard Factory or visit our website to see our unlimited selection of billiard tables and accessories!

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Rope In The Savings with Our Rodeo Sale

It’s Rodeo time in Texas. Starting in Fort Worth and finishing in Austin, these great events showcase Texas’ roots. You can also show your Texas pride in your game room and we’ve found these great products that will take your game room back to the Wild West.

Ponderosa Pool Table

Take your next billiards game out west with the Ponderosa Pool Table by Olhausen Billiards. Available in 7, 8, or 9 feet, this solid pine table brings a great rustic look to any game room. The table comes in three different finishes and the sights are buffalo head nickel. Complete the rodeo theme in your game or rec room with the Ponderosa Shuffleboard. Similar to the pool table, this shuffleboard is made from solid pine and features the tree trunk like legs. The table is available in 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 feet, so you’ll be able to find the best table for your room.

Outlaw Pool Cues and Accessories

Get in touch with your inner outlaw with Outlaw Cues. Each of Outlaw’s cues are made from stained Maple and feature different designs hand branded on the cue by blow torch. One of our favorites is the Outlaw Original Pool Cue. In the accessories department, Outlaw makes a great carrying cases. A great choice is the Outlaw Cowboy Recon Leather Case. It carries two butts and four shafts in the handsome embossed genuine leather case. The shoulder strap is also embellished with old western silvertone hardware.

Texan Barstools

Add some kick to your game room with Tempo Furniture’s Longhorn Bar Stool. The stool features a longhorn’s head on the back of the seat. Choose from over 90 different fabrics and 30 different finishes to find the ideal stools for your room. If longhorns aren’t your thing, the Ft. Worth Bar Stool is available for purchase with a Texas star on the back of the seat. Both barstools are 30in and can come with or without arms.

To see more of our rodeo deals, please visit our specials page or visit your local Billiard Factory today!

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Pinball Wizard: The History of Pinball

Pinball has come a long way from its origins as a game for the French elite to having a song
written about it by The Who. But what has made this game become such an icon for the last 200 years? We’re going to take a look at pinball’s history to see what has made it the game it is today.

Evolution of Pinball

The pinball machine’s first ancestor is Bagatelle. Created in the late 1700’s, the game was introduced during a party for the French King Louis XVI. The idea of Bagatelle was to use a cue to get a ball up the incline, past wooden sticks and into the different holes on the table top board. A few years later, “Japanese Bagatelle” was invented, which replaced the cue with a coiled spring and plunger to shoot the ball.

The addition of the spring wasn’t popularized until the 1860’s when Montague Redgrave began creating smaller countertop sized games. Finally in 1930s, electricity was introduced to the game with flashing lights, a scoring counter and sounds. The name “pinball” is thought to have begun during this time. It was also during this time that “Tilt” was added to the game to prevent players from shaking the game to increase their score. Then in 1947, the flipper and bumper were introduced to the game.

As the years continued to progress, Pinball machines continued grew to include the technology of the day like moving parts in the game and digital displays. While Pinball machines began to fade during the 1980’s, they saw a jump in popularity during the 1990s. Thanks to licensing popular movies and icons, Pinball became a new fascination for a new generation.

Pinball? Illegal?

As the Pinball machine evolved, it ran into some interesting bumps along the road. One of the most interesting is that from the 1940’s to the mid-1970’s Pinball was illegal. The idea behind the banning was that because early Pinball was a game of chance (the machine didn’t have the flippers to direct the ball), so it was a form of gambling. In beginning of the ban, New York City was one of the top defenders of keeping pinball banned. New York Police collected thousands of games in a few days and then proceeded to destroy the machines and throw them in the city’s rivers.

For more interesting facts on Pinball, make sure to read this article by Popular Mechanics. Be sure to check out our selection of Pinball and other arcade games at your local Billiard Factory or online today!

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From The Ice to Your Home: Air Hockey Tables

An arcade favorite, air hockey tables have only been around for the last 40 years.  From it’s humble beginnings as a game for college students to almost going out of production, the air hockey table has seen a lot.

Taken From The Pros

In 1969, three employees with Brunswick Billiards decided they were going to create a game table that had a friction-less surface. The project was paused due to the table didn’t seem to
hold in any value in gaming. Then in 1972 another employee, Bob Lemieux, took his love of ice hockey and applied it to the table. Thus air hockey was born!

On an interesting note, most of the early games were used in colleges and as carnival attractions. Brunswick was upset about air hockey being thought of as a carnival game, so they decided to change the idea of the air hockey table by creating the Air Hockey World Championship in 1974.

Saved From Extinction

During the 80s, air hockey saw a sharp decline thanks to arcade games. In order to keep air hockey tables, an avid fan, Mark Robbins, had people donate their old tables and refurbished them. Mark also reached out to U.S. Billiards and Dynamo Corporation to create new and better quality tables. Thanks to all of his hard work, Mark saved the air hockey table from only being in the history books.

For more on air hockey, please visit The History of Air Hockey and AirHockeyWorld.com.  Visit your local Billiard Factory and BilliardFactory.com to purchase your air hockey table.

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The Pool Perfect Valentine

Valentine’s Day is officially three days away. In all your haste to make the perfect day/evening for your significant other, did you forget to get a gift? Well, don’t worry! Billiard Factory has some great ideas to help you find what your pool playing Valentine has been looking for!


Gifts For Her


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but her pool cue is a close second. Give her a cue that can keep up like an Athena ATH34 Pink Tribal Rose cue or an Athena ATH11 Very Rose/Hudley cue. Created for women by women, Athena cues suit women’s physical characteristics. Each cue is a slightly thinner 10 in professional taper, shorter pool cue shaft length and 12.5 mm shaft. These alternations help promote a better bridge and smoother follow through. As an added bonus, each Athena cue comes with a free Obisius 10 in cue extender.


Then let her carry her cues in style with the Athena Tribal Rose Cue Case. This two butt, two shaft hard tube case is the perfect solution for protecting your cues. The top accessory pocket has a mesh pouch to keep smaller necessities organized. The bottom accessory pocket has enough room to store a jump cue butt.


Gifts For Him


He will start off his game right with the Fire Blade 25oz Break Cue. This specialty cue is made from 29 in Hard Rock Maple with brass insert. The forearm has stainless steel Fire Blade inlay with black overlay. The cue comes with stainless steel joint protectors and a velvet sheath presentation case free! Help your valentine protect his cues with the Poison Red Pool Cue Case. The hard tube case can hold two butts and four shafts. The dual pocket on the front has enough room to carry his jump cue and any other accessories.


Give your significant other the “upper hand” on his game with the Poison Pool Cue Glove. He’ll see an increase in his shot control thanks to this friction free glove. The glove is made from a breathable material that absorbs sweat and molds to the wearer’s hand. It promotes a more solid bridge for greater accuracy and consistency.


Whether you’re looking for your Valentine or yourself, be sure to visit your local Billiard Factory or online today!

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Score with a Shuffleboard

You may have only seen or played shuffleboard on your last cruise, but did you know that the game started out as a table? Shuffleboard Table started in the 15th century and still is one of the top tables for game rooms. Let’s learn a little bit more about shuffleboards.

Be An Outlaw

Shuffleboard began in England with players would slide coins across a table and the idea was to see who could get the coin closest to the edge as possible. As the game’s popularity grew, coins were replaced with weights. In an interesting side note, the game even became outlawed in the 1500s due to the idea that it was too distracting and keeping people from work.

Like many customs, shuffleboard immigrated to America with the English settlers. With the country’s growth, the number of shuffleboard players continued to soar with families buying custom tables from such notable furniture makers like Duncan Phyfe. During World War II, shuffleboard saw another surge in popularity, as soldiers would play while waiting to ship out. After the war ended, many servicemen brought the games back to their homes through out the country.

Count It Up

While the idea behind the game hasn’t changed, the scoring has become easier. Before you could only win if your weight was closest to the edge, now the player with the most points is declared winner. Each of tables are divided into three sections and each section is designated a value. The area closest to the middle counts for one point and the area closer to the edge is three points.

Be sure to visit your local Billiard factory to find the perfect shuffleboard for your game room like the Champion Qualifier Shuffleboard Table.

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Take the Office Home


Have you tried to bring your work home and couldn’t find a quiet place to sit down and think? Then it’s time to create a home office. This separate space will give you a chance to focus on your work without your home’s distractions.

The Perfect Space

Mashable lists the first thing you should consider when planning your home office is the ideal space. You’re probably thinking of converting a spare guest room or unfinished room above your garage, but you should also think of other possibilities like an unused formal living room. Once you select your space, try it out for a month to see if the room meets your requirements before you move in all your furniture, electronics and other office necessities.

Comfy and Classy

Since you will be spending a good amount of time in the room, you should invest in your office furniture. When it comes to a desk, look for one that has a large surface area for all your computer equipment and still have space to write like the Exponent Office Desk. Use one by itself or place two together to create a L-shaped workstation. More modern looking office chairs are pleasing to the aesthetics of the room, but aren’t too pleasing for your back. A chair with lumbar support, like the Officer Office Chair, will support your back. The nice thing about the Officer chair is it comes in stylish colors like blue and green to give the room a pop of color.

Get Organized

Now that you’ve set up the room, it’s time to organize. HGTV suggests establishing activity centers that will make the office more efficient. They divided into three spaces: the work center, the reference center, and the supply center. The work center should include your computer, workspace and the office supplies you use most often. Binders, manuals, dictionary and other professional materials should be kept in the reference center. Supplies like paper, ink, extra pens, etc. make up the supply center. These areas don’t have to be specific sections of the room; it could be like a bookcase for the reference center or a cubby system for the supply center.

For more home office tips, check out the Home Office Organizer blog. Also be sure to visit BilliardFactory.com to see our complete collection of office furniture.

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Consolidate Your Space

When moving into your first apartment, you may be wondering where everything will fit. Instead of wasting space with a full size or single purpose table, why not try one of these great space-saving options:

Go For Pub Style

If you’re looking for a table to fit into your kitchen or den area, a pub table is the perfect solution. They range from counter to dining to pub height, so you are sure to find a table to work in your room. Looking for something that takes up less space? Then try a wall pub table. These tables fit onto your wall like a book shelf, all you have to add is the bar stools.

Dual Purpose

Another option is a multi-purpose game room  and dining table. These tables have a dining table top on one side and a poker table top on the other. Two of our favorites are the Palo Alto Reversible Top Poker Table and the Venice Reversible Top Poker Table. These tables also have the a storage area or a bumper pool underneath. You can go from dinner time to game night in a matter of minutes.

For these tables and other great furniture pieces, be sure to visit BilliardFactory.com or your local Billiard Factory.

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Staying Current: Best Places to Look For Billiard News

Whether you’ve just been introduced to the world of billiards or you’ve been a fanatic for years, finding good websites to get tips and information about what the pros are doing can be a little tricky. Here are some sites that will help you stay up to date in the billiards community.

Inside POOL Magazine

Whether you’re looking for a specific tournament or want to know more about a player, you can find it on Inside POOL Magazine’s website. The website also includes the latest industry news and reviews from well known companies like McDermott and OB Cues. While visiting the website, be sure to download the online edition of the January 2013 issue!

Billiards Digest

If you’re looking for columns written by some of your favorite players, then take a look at Billiards Digest. The magazine and its website hosts columns from Jeanette “The Black Widow” Lee and the magazine’s in-house pro Tony Robles. Billiards Digest also is a great resource if you’re looking for ways to improve your game. Their forums are a great place to reach out to fellow billiards players to trade tips and ideas.

Billiard Congress of America

The Billiard Congress of America’s website is home to not only the sport’s bylaws, but it’s also a great resource for the latest standings and links to the latest professional, amateur, and youth tournaments. View industry trends in the sport like how many current participants of Billiards in the United States. Also stay current on the latest inductees to the Billiard Congress of America’s Hall of Fame.

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Practice Makes Perfect

In a blog two weeks ago by our BF Product Specialist, she talked about making your New Year’s resolution to better your pool game. To continue this theme, we’ve found some different practice drills to help you work on your game. These drills will better your game whether you’ve been playing for a few months or for most of your life.


Centerline Practice Drills

The centerline drills are known as the “most famous and useful drills of all time.” Most of the drills take place in one end of the table. As the Pool Student’s Blog says, you must hit the ball on the correct side to make these shots successful. To try a centerline drill, be sure to visit the Pool Student’s blog, where you can try four different drills of varying difficulty. You should also take a look at Billiards.ColoState.edu’s version.


Banking Drills

If you want to get better at bank shots, click here to learn about some drills that would be perfect. Created by the Drill Instructor, Dominic Esposito, these drills will have you making each bank shot you wish. Be sure to practice each until you are making at least seven out of ten tries. Also switch up your practice by setting up the shot in reverse.


Stop Shot Drills

Have the power to stop the cue ball on command with a stop shot drill. You may not think you’ll need this skill, but if comes to winning or losing a game because of the cue ball, you’ll be glad you know it. With this drill, remember that something like the wrong aim or hitting the cue ball too hard can cause you to start over.


For more great practice drills, be sure to check out Billiards.ColoState.edu, Billiards.About.com, and BilliardsDigest.com. Also look at our wide selection of instructional media and tools on our website or at your local Billiard Factory.

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Countdown to the Super Bowl

It’s officially 34 days until Super Bowl 47 airs. If you’re thinking about throwing a watching party, it is time for you to start putting your own home theater idea into action. Here are some tips to help you create the ultimate home theater.

It’s All About Space

Space is key when it comes to creating your own home theater. HGTV suggests your home theater should be around 20 ft long by 13 ft wide. They also suggests creating your theater that’s isolated from the rest of the house. That way you won’t disturb anyone while you are watching the game or a movie. Also consider the amount of light the room gets. This Old House advises using a room that has few doors and little to no windows like an unfinished room.

Get With The Picture

To keep the best acoustics, you’ll want to start with a carpeted room. Don’t want to pay to recarpet the room? Then find a large area rug to help absorb the sound waves. For your windows, look for heavy drapes that will help absorb not only the sound waves but also the light.

When it comes to your equipment, Gizmodo says to look for a screen that has a horizontal viewing screen of 40° from your seat. To figure the angle, measure the distance of where you want your seats in inches. Multiply that by .84 and you’ll get the diagonal screen size. For sound, they suggest looking for uniformity. The best sound is a sound coverage pattern that surrounds the whole audience. You’ll probably have to check the placement a couple of times before you find the best location.

Sit Back

For seating, you should invest in high quality stadium seating. By purchasing high quality, you’ll feel like you are right there in the stadium or in the movie theater. One of our favorites is the Palliser Digital Home Theater Seating. Whether you need them curved or straight, these seats will fit perfectly in any home theater. You are also able to customize the seats to fit your home theater needs by choosing how many seats you want across.

Pallister Digital Home Theater Seating

For more home theater seating options and help on planning your home theater, be sure to check out our website or visit your local Billiard Factory today.

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What’s Your New Years Resolution?

Self-improvement seems to be the most common foundation to ones’ New Years Resolution List. In fact, if you do some research on the word “resolution”, you will find that it is synonymous with almost every word that contains “self” as a prefix. With that being said, and this little English lesson aside; what would you like to improve on when it comes to your billiards side? Whether it’s learning new things or improving old things; here are just a few suggestions that may lay the groundwork for your New Years Resolution make-over.

Me, Myself and My Stance

Most of the time, people underestimate or are not aware of the influential effects that ones’ posture, footwork, body positioning and alignment can have over their ability to pocket or position their intended ball shots, and ultimately win their pool game. Anyone who has played for a while and has taken breaks from the game knows that these simple notions can be devastating to a pool league game and your ego.

Aim is the Name of the Game

The position and movement of your elbow determines the accuracy of your aim. Some players raise their elbow too high, some players sway and pivot the wrong way, and some have elbows that wobble and bobble. A players’ elbow is another integral component that affects the way a player strokes their pool cue. When your stroke is off and inconsistent so is your aim; and therefore your angle.

Mr. Miyagi had the right idea with his “wax-on, wax-off” strategy from the Karate Kid. The same notion applies to improving or learning new techniques when playing pool. Getting good shape on the pool table means getting in shape by learning or fine-tuning your cue ball control with English, bank shots, tangent lines and ball angles. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is; brushing up on the fundamental billiard building blocks makes other techniques fall into place more effectively. There are many instructional training guides, DVDs and practice products available to help you achieve any aspect of your pool game.

Practice Pro® Pocket Reducers are a great training aid to sharpen your aiming skills and accuracy by reducing the size of your tables’ pockets by approximately 30%. The 360 PureCue Stroke Training Cue developed by billiard professional coach Neil Johnson has to be one of the most exceptional technological breakthroughs in the cue sports industry. “The Aiming By The Numbers Method” Aramith Training Ball Set endorsed by Mike Massey and developed by world class pool player and instructor Joe Tucker, is another great training aid made to teach you how to effectively and consistently pocket your shots, or even new shots

There are many Training Balls on the market made to develop or improve a pool players’ English (spin), cue stroke, optimal ball rebounding for better position on the table, as well as aim and other concepts pertaining to cue ball control and pocketing your shots. The Jim Rempe Billiard Training Ball is amongst the most favorable of billiard training aids. Aramith’s Q-Tru Training Cue Ball is another well known instructional aid that players seem to benefit from. These billiard training ball sets are excellent companions that compliment many instructional media DVDS and books available on our website, and yield unparalleled results. Being able to pair visual learning with being able to physically execute these techniques and concepts through exercises is crucial. Try watching the instructional DVDs Mika Immonen’s Mastering Pool: Volumes 1, 2 and 3 while practicing with any of billiard training practice products you fancy. This will reinforce your understanding, encourage you to attempt, allow you to accomplish and mentally register these learning concepts indefinitely. Joe Tucker’s: 90 Minute Rail Workout, Aiming Workout 2-Disc DVD/Book Set, Third Eye Stroke Trainer and his Racking Secrets Volumes 1 & 2 are some of the top rated training DVDs you might want to check out. Learning drill routines are excellent ways to warm up before an important match or league game.

Some excellent instructional billiard books we have found are a series written by pool guru instructional author, and BCA certified instructor Phil Capelle: “Play Your Best Eight Ball”, “Play Your Best Pool”, “Play Your Best Straight Pool”, “Play Your Best Nine Ball”, “A Mind For Pool”, “Practicing Pool” and a book and DVD combo called “Break Shot Patterns” that will teach you to position play and make safeties, learn fundamentals and aiming, patterns, kick shots, clusters and push-out strategies, shot-making, master end-of-rack position, pattern play and much more in straight pool, 8 Ball, 9 Ball and competition play. It is never a bad idea to check these products out on our website to see what promotional items we may be offering to throw in with one of these instructional media training aids.

So maybe you have other items to add to your New Years Resolution agenda, like learning a different game of pool, banking and jump shots or indulging in the artistic billiards world of trick shots. Stop getting mixed answers on game rules when you’re playing a competitive or even leisurely game of pool, and learn all of the official Billiards Congress of America (BCA) Rules with the most current edition of the Billiards Congress of America Rules and Records Book. Learn how to play 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 10 Ball, 15 Ball, 14.1 Continuous, Snooker, Carom, and One-Pocket. Learn and practice a new era of artistic pool with Florian Kohler’s “Venom Trick Shots DVD” demonstrating and explaining 160 of some of the most advanced trick shots ever performed on a pool table; or take it back to school with Mike Massey’s “World of Trick Shots” featuring over 180 trick and artistic billiard shots such as the Hustler’s Specials, Prop Shots, Crowd Pleasers, Great Escapes, Stroke Shots, Jump Shots, Masses, Bank Shots, Mystery Shots and more.

These are just a handful of the many billiard practice training aids and instructional media products that the Billiard Factory has available online, in-store or readily acquirablly. It’s never a bad idea to upgrade your billiard equipment to the newest and latest models or check your old billiard equipment for regular maintenance repair and fine-tuning needs. Get your resolution items ready to be checked off your list just in time to start the New Year off right.

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Dash In For Last Minute Gifts

It’s the last shopping day for the holiday season. If you still have few gifts to get, you may be in going into hyperstress mode. Well there is no need to worry because we can help you finish your shopping and still have time to relax before the holiday begins.


Practice Your Poker Face


Have a friend or family member who loves to watch poker tournaments? Then give them a Texas Holdem Pro Series Poker Chip set. The kit includes 500 chips, two decks of casino grade playing cards, 3 plastic engraved buttons, a professional players book and it all fits neatly in a felt lined security case. Your loved one will be able to host their own poker tournament for up to eight players in the comfort of their home.

Texas Hold-em Poker Chip Set

Cue Up The Perfect Gift


For the beginning pool player on your list, get him or her the Avenger Series entry level pool cue and case. The two-piece cue features a comfortable rubberized grip and super straight Maple cue shaft, which makes it ideal for beginners. The cue comes with a PVC hard box cue case with a soft interior, so your cue can stay in the perfect condition. If your loved one is a more advanced player, look at the Intermediate and Experienced pool cue and case sets.

Learning Curve


If you don’t think pool cues will do the trick, try instructional bundle. Packages range from perfecting your nine or eight ball game complete with racks to improving your overall game and working on your best straight pool game complete with training ball or pocket reducer. Any of the packages will help beginning and advanced players get the most out of each and every game.

 Whether you are trying to finish up your shopping list or spending time with your loved ones, all of us at Billiard Factory wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year.

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Best Shot In The West

Entertain your family and friends who come calling this holiday season with fun and exciting trick shots. We’ve broken down three shots that are sure to impress.


Stack The Rack

If you’re more of a beginner, you’ll want to try Stack the Rack. Click here to review how to set up for Stack the Rack. This trick will allow you to sink the 2 through 5-balls and the 6-ball with one stroke and without hitting the 1-ball. Set the table up as you see in the photo. Then take your rack and surround the 1-ball. Simply shoot the cue ball into the rack and ta da! You’ve sunk the four balls into a pocket while sending the cue ball back to hit the 6-ball.


The Masse Shot

The masse shot is where the cue ball spins around a ball to hit another ball. The first thing you’ll need is a masse cue. This is a shorter cue that is fatter near the tip. When making the shot, elevate the cue so it is vertical. You’ll then want to hit the cue ball on the side of the direction you want it to curve. Remember to hit the cue ball in a downward motion so you don’t hurt the cloth. Andy Segal, the 2007 World Trick Shot Champion, breaks down the masse shot in this video on eHow.


The Jump Shot

The jump shot happens where the cue ball jumps over one ball to hit another. This shot’s setup is similar to the masse. You’ll want to have your cue elevated. Once you have your cue ready, aim your shot to where you strike the cue ball either right above or right below the center. To see how your jump shot should look, watch this helpful video from Max Eberle the producer for the “Powerful Pool” DVDs.


With any trick, remember practice makes perfect. If you want to learn more tricks, try Mike Massey’s World of Trick Shots. This book includes summaries of great tricks like the Hustler’s Special, prop shots and many more. Be sure to stop by your local Billiard Factory for other billiard accessories like the EZ-Jumper Pool Cue Jump Bridge to help you with fun trick shots.

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Take Advantage Of Our Holiday Sale

As the holidays draw closer, your shopping seems grow even longer. You may wonder where you should even begin. Stop by the Billiard Factory’s Holiday Sale and we’ll help you find a gift for everyone on your shopping list.

Score The Perfect Gift

Take game time to the next level with the Zoom Foosball Table. Children of all ages will enjoy scoring and defending their goals on this table. There’s no need to worry about the kids being too rough. The men are made out of ABS high impact plastic so they will last for years to come. At 64 inches, this table will become a new game room favorite.

Hit A Bull’s Eye

You are bound to score big with the Viper Digital Dartboard. The LCD Display is easy to read and has a four person cricket display. Everyone in your family can play with this game since it can handle up to 16 players. Also you’ll never have to worry about running out of games because the board comes preset with 40 of them. The dartboard comes in its own cabinet and is complete with six darts.

Improve Your Game

If you know someone who wants to work on their billiards game, then the Play Your Best Pool plus Rempe Training Ball is the perfect gift. Written by one of billiards’ top guides Phil Capelle, Play Your Best Pool will help everyone from beginners to professionals improve their game. He or she will learn about everything like the correct stroke and the best offensive strategy in a game of 8-ball. The included Rempe Training Ball is dual-sided, so beginning and advance players will be able to practice their shots.   For these and more great gift ideas, be sure to check out your local Billiard Factory!

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Sink The Perfect Holiday Season With These Billiards Inspired Gifts

Your husband, wife, parents, whomever loves their pool table, and you would like to find them the perfect gift that they’ll enjoy for years to come. Well, we’ve found some items that any new or old billiards player would love.

Get Glowing!

Give the gift that takes billiards to the next level with the Aramith Glow-In-The-Dark Pool Kit. The kit will fit any size or type of table and it sets up in just a couple of steps. The kit includes the complete Aramith glow-in-the-dark phenolic ball set, reflective cushion tube with metallic springs, glowing cue rings, glowing break spots and glow-in-the-dark rail sights. All that’s left to get is a black light.

Let Some Light In

Whether they’re a beginner or a professional, they’ll love a Billiard Ball Pool Table Light.  The three light fixture is decorated with a set of billiard balls and it will provide great light over any pool table. The fixture comes in matte black and the shades come in white alabaster or black matte shades.

Equipment Upgrade

If their cues, ball set and rack have seen better days, you’ll want to give them the presidential treatment with the Presidential Diplomat Kit With Ambassador Ball Set. This set includes two cues, a bridge stick, two racks, a complete ball set, and table care accessories. With your gift, they’ll be back playing their top game in no time at all.

We hope these ideas will score big with those on your holiday shopping list. Please visit your local Billiard Factory for these great gifts and more.

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Checking Your List: Fun Gifts For Family and Friends

The mad rush of holiday shopping has begun and trying to figure out the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be tricky. You can go the easy route and just give cash, or you can come to the Billiard Factory and pick something that your nearest and dearest will love.

The Sports Fan

Have someone who can spout of random facts about your home football team? Have they never missed a game in their life? Well, we have the perfect gift for them, official NFL Merchandise!  You can transform their game room with accessories like a billiard ball set with the team’s logo or go all out with a official NFL pool table. If billiards aren’t his or her sport, then try a NFL dart cabinet set or a NFL pub table and NFL bar stools.


The Gamer

Whether you’re buying for your child or for a kid at heart, arcade games are a big hit. These machines are identical to the ones you used to play at your local arcade. One of our favorites is the Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Class of 1981. The machine includes arcade favorites like Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, and Galaga. Want more games on your machine? Then check out the Arcade Legends 3 Upright Machine. This machine comes with 130 games for hours of fun!


The Family

Maybe you’re looking for a gift that you’re whole family will love? Why not splurge and invest in a billiard table! Your house will be the coolest house on the block with a new table like the Brunswick Camden III. The table comes in both 8 and 9 feet, so you can find the table that works best for your space. Right now if you buy a Brunswick table or any other Brunswick accessories, you get more Brunswick products free! Like a Air Hockey table or a Table Tennis conversion top for your new billiard table.


No matter who’s on your list, we’ll help you find the perfect gift. Be sure to come into your local Billiard Factory today!

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Seating Plan Scramble

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and your sister just called saying her family are now able to make it to dinner. Now you’re left wondering, “Where am I going to put six more people?” Don’t worry, the Billiard Factory has you covered. We have quick and easy solutions to make sure everyone has a place at the dinner table.

Double Duty

Instead of asking your brother to bring the unstable card table, invest in a dining top for your billiard table. A dining top transforms your billiard table into an elegant dining table. These tops are easy to set up and attach perfectly to your table so there is no worries about there being any scratches. Just add chairs and you can now sit eight more guests.


If a dining top is more than you would like to spend, then try a table tennis conversion top. As we discussed in a previous post about converting your table, a table tennis top usually runs around $300 opposed to a dining top which can be around $2,000. Just leave the net off, throw a tablecloth over the table, and you’re ready to go.

Pull Up A Chair

Not using your counter or bar to serve the meal this year? Turn it into prime seating for your guests. All you have to do is get some bar stools. You can get ones like the Augusta Bar Stool that fit easily under your counter, so it won’t stick out from your counter and get in people’s way. Don’t have a counter? Then look at a pub table. This little table will provide extra seating during the holidays and will survive as a place for the kids to do homework in your game room.

For all your seating needs, visit your local Billiard Factory and from all of us at Billiard Factory, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Game Night

Most Thanksgivings are spent surrounding the dinner table and then everyone stretches out in front of the television to watch hours of football or holiday shows. This year create a new holiday tradition with a family game night.



Game Central Station

Break your game room up into different stations. That way everyone can play a game at same time and no one is waiting around for others to finish. Only have a pool table and home theater in your game room? Set up a video game system to your home theater and play either a racing game or a rock band game. That way multiple people can play at that station at one time. Another idea is use your poker table as a station for a more family friendly card game like Go Fish or Uno. You can also invite your family members to bring some of their favorite games as well.

Time Is Of The Essence

When planning out the evening, make sure you take into account how long it will take people to play a decent game. It may take some games longer to play than other. For example, you’ll be able to play a round of Foosball in about 10 minutes, but that’s unlikely for a game of 8-Ball. Also remember that you don’t want to pick too long of a time or your guests might get bored waiting for others to finish.

Let The Games Begin

After your big meal, break into groups, assign each group to a starting station and let the games begin! Each group will need a watch/phone, pen and pad of paper, so they can watch the clock and tally the score after each station. After everyone has visited each station and tallied their total points, announce the winners of each station, and winner of the game night.

We hope this will add some fun to your holiday season. If you want to add to your game furniture collection, please visit your local Billiard Factory for more family game night favorites.

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Game Room Wonderland: Getting Your Game Room Kid-Friendly

November is here and that means family will be arriving at your door in less than three weeks. While you love your nieces and nephews, you know their history of accidents and you don’t want anything happening to your prized billiard table. Instead of keeping the game room off limits, why don’t you add in some kid friendly games and turn your game room into an game room wonderland.

The Game Is On

Even current video game aficionados agree that nothing beats an old-school arcade game. Jazz up your game room for the holidays with an arcade game machine. These game machines will be the hit of any holiday bash. Our favorite? The Arcade Legends 3 Pedestal Arcade Game Machine, which holds 130 original games including all 29 versions of Golden Tee Fore. All you have to do is hook it up to a up to a 42” screen and you’re ready to play all your favorite arcade games.


Shuffle In The Holidays

Shuffleboard isn’t just for grandma anymore. You can now take shuffleboard home with these smart tables. The idea behind the game is still the same, but there is no need for cues to shoot the pucks. Simply slide the weighted pucks across the table and hope to get ahead of your competitors. No matter the space you can find a table to meet your needs. Choose anywhere from 7 feet to 22 feet for those looking for a challenge.

Score Big This Season

Entertain your nearest and dearest by adding a foosball table to your game selection. Everyone from your 90-year-old grandfather to your 3-year-old niece can play. No need to worry about everyone fighting for a turn because the table can accommodate multiple people on each side.


Practice your forehand with your own table tennis table. An indoor table is the perfect addition to any game room. You can even save space by purchasing a table tennis conversion top for your billiard table. The kids can play table tennis and you don’t have to worry about any marks or spills happening to your billiard table.

With any of these kid-friendly options, you’re family is going to have a ball this holiday season. Be sure to stop by your local Billiard Factory to check out these fun kid-friendly games.

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Babying Your Billiard Table: Get Your Table Ready For Holiday Guests

Whether you just purchased a pool table to entertain upcoming holiday guests or you’ve had your pool table for the last 10 years, regular maintenance will keep your table playing like new for many years. Billiard Digest’s Mason King lists some of the top things to watch out for.

Cleaning Time

One of the most abrasive substances that your table comes in contact with is chalk. Chalk can get into the cloth and destroy it. Use a brush with soft bristles after every session, but make sure to brush either towards pockets or from one end of the table to the other. You could also use a low powered dustbuster every once in awhile, but be very careful to not pull and stretch your fabric.

Your billiard balls can also push chalk and dust around your table. A great habit to start is to clean your game balls after each session and your cue ball after each game. When cleaning the set, make sure to use a soft cloth like microfiber and stay away from wax based products. Another habit to remember is keep moisture away from your table, specifically away from the rails. If the table comes in contact with moisture, it could cause the table to expand. Have a clumsy person in your social circle? Scotch Guarding your felt might not be a bad idea.

Shine On

Keeping your table shining not only looks good, but it also keeps the wood in great condition. If you have a lacquer finish, including polyester, eurathane or catalyzed varnish finishes, use lemon oil and apply it to your table with a soft cloth. Be sure to stay away from products like Pledge that could eat the varnish.

Have a painted finish? Then use a paste wax made from carnuba wax. This wax provides a thin barrier to protect the table’s finish. For your leather pockets, apply saddle soap with a soft cloth. Let it dry for about 20 minutes and then brush off with a shoe or billiard brush.

Face Lift

Does your cue ball roll around when you haven’t hit it? Has your felt seen better days? Then why not give your table a face lift? We offer services such as table leveling, refelting, rail rubber installation, seam grouting and table assembling/moving. Simply fill out the form on our website and we’ll contact you, so you can get your table back in time for the holidays.

Have any questions? Come out to your local Billiard Factory today and we will help you get your table in tip top shape.

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From Game Time to Dinner Time: Converting Your Billiard Table

Trying to find a place for all your holiday guests to sit can be like playing Tetris, but did you know you have a table going unused right under your nose? In a couple of steps, you can turn your billiard table into a ready to use dining table.

Table Time

If you have done some research, purchasing a dining top for your billiard table can be pretty pricey. But have you ever thought of using a table tennis top? Table tennis tops are usually around $300 compared to dining tops that are closer to $1,100. The table tennis top made to fit  to your table and has a rubberized back, so you don’t have to worry about it scratching your table or ruining your rails like if you had just placed plywood on top of your table. All you have to do is take down the net, throw a nice tablecloth over the table and you’re ready to seat!

Double Duty

The table tennis top not only will work as a dining top, but let’s not forget the its original purpose! The table tennis top includes net, paddles and table tennis balls. Now you are able to play table tennis regardless of what the weather is doing outside. Just think you can finish dinner and then host a ping pong tournament in one room! Ready to play billiards again? Just simply remove the top and your billiard table is ready to go!

Please visit your local Billiard Factory today to get your own table tennis top.

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Start Horsing Around: Fun Games to Play on Your Billiard Table

While most billiard tables are used to play Eight Ball, there are lots of other fun games out there to play. After a little research, we’ve found some fun games you can play with the same equipment you already own.

Bank Pool

Bank Pool is a definitely a game of skills because this game requires all of your shots to hit at least rail before the ball can be pocketed. While the object of the game is to pocket and score more balls than your opponent, we recommend this game for more skilled players.


Cutthroat is a great game for a large group of people. You can either play with three people or in teams for a large group of people. You are able to split the balls up (1-5, 6-10, 11-15) so the three groups equal number of balls. The object of the game is to keep your balls on the table and to sink all of your opponents.


Horse is very similar to the game on the basketball court. When a player makes a shot the other player must duplicate the shot exactly and if they make the shot, then they get a letter. The first person to get HORSE loses.

Rotation aka Chicago

Rotation or Chicago is where the cue ball must always hit the lowest number on the table first on each shot taken. This game requires more strategic and imaginative shots than other games. The goal is to score more value than your opponent does.

Seven Ball

Seven Ball only uses the billiard balls 1-7 and rack them with the number 1 ball at the apex and the rest following in numerical order. To win the game, all the balls must be pocketed and you must legally pocket the 7 ball.  

Straight Pool (14.1 Continuous)

Straight Pool is where you call the ball in a pocket regardless of the ball being solid or striped. Every ball that is pocketed is a point and the shooting continues until the first player misses. The interesting part of the game is that continues until you reach the designated point value like 150 or 200 points.

Whether you’re playing with your friends or your loved ones, these games are sure to please. If you are interested in learning more games, please visit TheCueStick.com.

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A Haunting Home Theater

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween movie marathon? But with how expensive going to the movies is, many people skip out on the scariest time of the year! Not anymore! Now you can have the theater experience in the comfort of your own home with the help of Billiard Factory.

Spooky Seating

The first step to planning your home theater is deciding how much space you have. The amount of space you will affect how you have your seating. There are many choices to home theater seating. You can choose a more theater setting with individual seats like Palliser Rhumba seats. You can also choose a more cozy setting with bench seats like these Palliser Pilot seats.

Eerie Equipment

We all know the creepiest and best part of scary movies is the music and now you are able to reproduce that theater like quality at home. Most home theater systems include two to four speakers and a subwoofer, but you need to find what works best for your room. Please stop by our partner’s Signature Home Theater and their home theater experts will help you find the right system.

Freaky Flicks

Whether you’re watching with your kids or your friends, you’ll find a monstrous movie to fit your audience:

- The Family Favorite: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
The Peanuts gang celebrate Halloween and Linus waits for the mythical Great Pumpkin.

- Old School Classic: Psycho
After stealing $40,000 from her employer, Marion Crane encounters Norman Bates, a hotel proprietor too long under his mother’s thumb.

- Spooky Thriller: The Woman In Black
Daniel Radcliffe plays a lawyer who travels to a remote village where he finds the host of a scorned woman wrecking havoc with the locals.

- The Screamer: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
A group of friends is hunted by a killer with a chainsaw,so he can feed his family who can only afford to eat what they kill.

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Guest Room to Game Room Makeover

When you bought your home, you always thought you’d use that spare room as a guest room. Now you’ve come to realize that other than the holidays, it just sits empty most of the year. Here’s a novel idea: you could turn it into a game room! You’re probably thinking, “That sounds like a fun idea! We’ve wanted to move our billiard table out of the garage, but where will Grandma stay over Thanksgiving?” Here’s a way to tackle that question:

Dress Up the Room

Deciding a color scheme for your new game room could seem like an overwhelming task, but it can be a lot of fun! As we talked about in game room decor, you can either keep the house’s original color scheme or you can jazz it up! A fun idea would be to take a cue from your billiard ball set and choose one of those colors.

Break It Up

If you are planning on having multiple games in your game room like billiards, darts, home theater, etc., create stations in the room. This way they’ll have less disruption if someone is watching a movie and another is playing a game. Do this by using the table and some spectator seats to section off the room.

Light the Way

A simple way to change up your game room is to change the room’s lighting. One way is to add task lighting, which is a bright light that focuses on one area of the room. An example of this would be billiard lights like we discussed in our lightning post. Not only will this help you clearly see the table, but it will also showcase its beauty when not in use. Be sure to stop by your local Billiard Factory to check out our large selection of billiard lights.

Space Chase

Worried that there won’t be enough space when your guests arrive? Why not combine your game room with a guest room? Instead of purchasing a regular couch, you can look into a pull out sofa or a daybed. These pieces can be used for everyday lounging without taking up too much space and converts easily to an extra bed when the grandma comes to stay.

Make sure to come out and visit us at The Billiard Factory to help make your new game room the coolest place to hang out!

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Pool Table Accessories

So you already have the billiard basics—a table, a cue stick, your billiard balls—but you want to outfit your room with some great accessories. Where do you start?

Equip your room with “balls” and whistles, even if they aren’t accessories you might use on a regular basis, to accommodate the needs and preferences of guests who come over to play. Here are some of our suggestions for fun favorite accessories that will make your billiard table the hottest spot in the neighborhood.

To Chalk or Not to Chalk?


You definitely need chalk, no doubt about it—even if you don’t use it, guests may prefer it. If you don’t like chalk, or if you have a sensitivity/allergy to the dust, a pool glove is a great accessory.

Speaking of cues, how about a cue tip repair kit? Tip shapers and repair kits will come in handy, and are very affordably priced. In fact, there are many repair and maintenance tools available for cues, including replacement parts and supplies, shafts, joint protectors, and weight bolts. Hang a cue rack on the wall for guests’ cues, but don’t forget to buy a case for your personal cue stick.

Pool Table Maintenance

Serious damage to your table’s felt will require professional repair, but a pool brush will keep your felt looking excellent and performing well.

Keep Score


For keeping track in the heat of a match, this set of scoring beads will do the trick. And to make sure your score is always higher than the competitions, we love these training and practice products, designed to help you sharpen your game.

Whatever your billiard accessory needs, Billiard Factory has it all—from furniture to chalk, from cue sticks to bridge sticks and heads. Stop in to one of our showrooms today and let us help you outfit your billiard room!

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Billiard and Rec Room Décor Ideas

So you have chosen the perfect pool table, outfitted the room with accessories, and chosen and hung your lighting to create the right mood for your recreation room. Now, it’s time to personalize the space with touches that will go beyond the practical purposes of the games you play, and make your billiard/rec room feel like a part of your home.


When it’s time to decorate, how do you decide? Do you want the room to feel like a space all its own, or do you want to retain a sense of seamlessness when people move from one part of your home into your new game room?


One way to create a sense of continuity with the rest of your home, without mimicking the décor in the rest of your house, is to use the same color palette from the room or hallway that leads into your game room. This is a good way to avoid an abrupt feeling of transition from one room to another—and it’s a great way to use up your leftover paint!


On the other hand, if you want people to have that “WOW!” moment when they move into the game room, you can take a different design approach. For example, choose a theme for your game room and decorate around it—we love these ideas for an Old World or Vintage/Modern game room at HGTV.com.


Add pieces that reflect your personality and preferences; for example, if your game room will be used for viewing football, basketball, or soccer games, choose accent pieces in your team’s colors. Also, consider choosing pieces that serve a purpose as well as add to the ambiance of the room—a branded mirror, vintage bar art (Guiness, Cinzano, or Jamison’s, for example), or a collection of vintage cocktail glasses tell your guests what you have on hand and serve as a focal point when well-displayed.


At Billiard Factory we know that your game room is more than just a collection of gaming equipment, and we have all of the accessories you need to create the billiard room of your dreams. Stop in and see us today!

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Lighting Tips

Creating a game room—whether renovating an existing space, or building a new one from scratch—brings with it a lot of big decisions. While you are busy choosing equipment, planning layouts, and finalizing construction plans, don’t forget about one of the most important aspects of your game room—the lighting.
Choosing the right lighting is as important for setting the mood as it is for creating the proper environment for gaming. So what should you be thinking about in regard to lighting? Here are a few suggestions:


 Identify Where and How Much Lighting is Required

Of course you know you will need lighting for above the pool table, but will that lighting be adequate for playing games in other areas of the room? An above-table light will throw light further than the table, but if it isn’t far enough to illuminate other areas of the room, additional lighting will be necessary. Lighting that can be moved, or repositioned such as track lights, can be a versatile solution to that problem. Another option is to install separate, stationary lighting above key areas like a card table or bar.
Is the Lighting a “Multi-Tasker”?

Adjustable lighting, using dimmer switches, is a great feature for a game room. When it comes to lighting, the more versatile the better; being able to control the lighting levels to accommodate multiple activities going on simultaneously will make everyone in the room more comfortable.

You can work with both a designer and an electrician to tailor your game room’s lighting to your needs.
Hanging and Installing Lighting

There are a lot of articles online about how to properly hang pool table lighting—check out the number of results you get when you Google “proper lighting pool tables”! You want the fixture to be high enough that you don’t hit it with your pool cue, and bright enough that you can see well, but not so bright that the glare interferes with play. Generally speaking, the fixture should be located in the center of the table, and most online resources recommend a height of 32” to 42” above the table surface.

We hope this blog helps you “see the light” when it comes to lighting your game room! Stop in to see us at Billiard Factory today to shop our selection of billiard lighting fixtures.

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BCA Website as a Resource

In a recent Billiard Factory newsletter, we introduced you to the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) website. Established in 1948, the BCA’s early objective was to organize players and promote the sport through qualifying tournaments at the local, regional, and national level. Over the course of the next sixty years, BCA also worked to standardize the sport, as well as organize billiard rooms, retailers, and manufacturers around these official rules and standards. Today the BCA continues to work toward a united, growing, and prosperous billiard industry and remains the leader in such efforts.
As a billiard enthusiast, the BCA website can, and should be, a website you return to time and again for information on the billiard industry. We recommend bookmarking their page and using it as a reference whenever you are looking for more information about billiards online. Here are a few sections of the BCA website we think you might find most interesting.
BCA Bylaws: Ten pages (PDF) of official rules regarding membership.

About the Industry: This section contains many sub-categories which you may find useful, including:

o History of Billiards

o History of Women’s Pool

o Game of Pool: Fun Facts

o Association Links

Follow Pool: Awesome information on famous pool players; search Hall of Fame inductees by year, or by name.

Play Pool: Pocket Billiard Rules and Specifications is a ten-point list of rules and specifications, including rules for wheelchair competitions and equipment/room specifications.

Find an Instructor: An external link will lead you to the Professional Billiard Instructor Association (PBIA) website, where you can search for an instructor in your area.

This is just a sampling of the great resources BCA has available for billiard players on their website. Save their URL to your favorites—you’ll return time and time again for information on the sport you love.

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McDermott G-Series Cues + Intimidator i-Shafts= Packing Heat at the Pool Hall

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality and high-performance piece of billiard equipment aimed at giving you more power, more control and more feel; then maybe you should look into investing in a McDermott G-Series Pool Cue, or simply upgrading to an Intimidator i-Shaft.

 McDermott researched the most important variables that a pool player may define as an essential necessity required to amplify their pool game, and came up with one of the highest performance grade advancements in shaft technology. There are three different Intimidator i-Shafts that have been created to accommodate a plethora of shot scenarios a pool player may encounter in the billiard ring; well-suited for any style of shooting. Let’s take a sneak peek at McDermott’s Intimidator Shaft lineup:

  • The Intimidator i-2 Shafts (i-2) come standard on most McDermott G-Series Pool Cues; featuring a 10”-12” Professionally Tapered Shaft crowned by a 12.75mm Kamui™ Black Soft Tip.


  • The Intimidator i-3 Shaft (i-3) is performance at its highest level. Designed for incredible spin and finesse; boasting a 11.75mm Kamui™ Black Super Soft Pool Cue Tip and a European Tapered Shaft, the i-3 is engineered for highly- skilled players who have great control of their stroke mechanics and are looking for more cue ball action.


  • Last but not least, McDermott’s Intimidator i-1 Big Boy Shaft (iB), the most powerful shaft in the Intimidator series; featuring a 13.25mm Samsara Ultra-Hard Leather Tip that allows it to hold contact with the cue ball longer. More contact equals more control and accuracy. This shaft is mostly ideal for breaking and jumping with extreme control.

 What sets these shafts apart from the other hundreds of shafts claiming to be the most advanced and best high performance technology out there? Let’s take a look under the hood shall we…

 McDermott incorporated its Tenon Tip Technology into a triple-layer carbon fiber core— which begins at the tip and through the ferrule where it continues throughout the entire shaft— to comprise the most radial consistent shaft on the market.

 What is radial consistency and why do you want it? Radial Consistency is the ability to reproduce the same results regardless of the shaft’s orientation. This means the shaft will perform the same way on every shot. You want radial consistency because you want to win the game…duh!

 What does all this mean you may ask? The grain of wood that comprises most pool cue shafts— commonly found in all-maple wood shafts— requires the player to learn specific and precise angles, or English to apply onto the cue ball in order to make their shots; causing cue ball deflection more likely to occur.

 Ok, big deal you say?  Not quite.

This means that not only are you more likely to not pocket your ball, but that your cue ball will travel to a very undesirable position on the pool table, if not scratch; thus, making your next shot selection also very unfruitful. Basically, you are least likely to run out the table. Ten bucks says you have also been experiencing difficulty with making or at least making consistent bank shots.

 McDermott’s high-performance shafts consistently provide a straighter cue ball path, minimizing the need to compensate for spin and throw. This type of carbon fiber core’s stability construction minimizes these aforementioned inconsistencies that one may experience with an all-maple shaft— better known as a high-deflection shaft— combined with McDermott’s tri-core butt construction, gives every pool cue a solid, consistent feel known throughout the industry as the “McDermott Hit.”

 Another component that I had mentioned earlier contributing to the Intimidator i-Shaft being such a high-performance billiard instrument is McDermott’s Tenon Tip Technology. This is responsible for relaying the most optimum transfer of energy the moment it makes contact with the i-Shaft’s tip, sending it throughout its carbon fiber core; resulting in a solid hit that maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shot.

 Let’s not forget McDermott’s patented Quick Release Joint provides a consistent surface contact throughout the cue, and also plays a part in the delivery of that maximum feel that comprises the most solid hit in the industry. They also offer a large variety of different joint types and sizes that are aimed to cater to the needs and wants of the player.

 Two of the crowning jewels that can be seen to mount a McDermott Intimidator i-Shaft are the infamous Kamui™ Black Soft or Kamui Black Super Soft Pool Cue Tips. The method to McDermott’s madness lays in the Kamui™ Black Pool Cue Tip’s ability to deliver more control and accuracy with the use of less billiard chalk, and its capability to resist the tendency to mushroom; as well as, other forms of shape distortion. These tips are made from 10 layers of the highest quality of Japanese pigskin leather that is further tanned, treated and stabilized in order to resist the effects of climate— or more specifically humidity— ensuring they remain consistent in performance, quality and playability. Possessing higher levels of porosity and elasticity enable these pool cue tips to:

  • Create more spin on the cue ball with less force, translating into increased control of your shots.
  • Increase retention of chalk adhesion, and deliver enhanced cue ball grip— reducing the chance of miscues.
  • Limit squirt and deflection with an enhanced ability to grip the cue ball on a larger surface area for longer contact time.
  • Mushroom less and retain density and shape better for longer bouts of time.
  • Offer excellent balance of cue ball control and spin.

 All in all, allowing you to use English to make the most accurate shot; making your next shot sitting and looking pretty. Could you imagine the outcome of placing a deflection reducing pool cue tip on a low-deflection pool cue shaft?

 Add the fact that McDermott slaps five coats of Ultraviolet Electrostatic High-Luster Urethane— to protect the cue and enhance its color— and a European “Organic Pigment” Stain to offer the most uniform saturation of the wood and color consistency, and you’ve got gold!

 Needless to say, McDermott not only talks the talk but they have been walking the great walk for a little over 35 years. So you know they have performance and quality nailed down to a “T”. These Intimidator shafts are known for their incredible control and consistency, overall making them one of the most well rounded performance shafts engineered to give players maximum control without sacrificing power or finesse; as well as, the ultimate “say-so” to change the power or spin-rate that you want to deliver with your stroke, in order to maximize the speed and accuracy of your shot; giving way to “the perfect shot.”

 So what’s the take-home message?  More power, more control, maximum feel, unprecedented accuracy with less squirt and deflection, consistent playability and the most solid hit in the industry…blah…blah…blah…

 Check out the Intimidator i-Shafts, or our McDermott G-Series Pool Cue Lineup in our online store from our vast selection of McDermott Cues. Go ahead…Get intimidating…I dare you!

 *Intimidator-2 Shafts come standard on all McDermott Pool Cues over $700. You can always order an Intimidator i-shaft separately that is customized to the exact specifications and dimensions of your pre-existing pool cue butt and joint type. Call one of our store locations nearest to you to check for compatibility or availability; or you can call the Billiard Factory Online Sales Department for further information.*

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Take Advantage of Labor Day Savings

We know that this time of year can be extra busy, with back-to-school preparations and activities, but don’t let the great savings at Billiard Factory pass you by! Our Labor Day Sale is going on now and continues through September 3, and includes great savings on every item in our online store. Wondering “how great”?
10%-75% off—that’s how great!

In addition to savings on individual purchases, we have also created three amazing bundles for you to choose from to create an incredible game room in your home.

Bundle #1: Pool Table + Ping Pong Conversion Top

Our first bundle features a Soho Pool Table ($3495 value) plus a ping pong conversion top ($310 value) for just $2495—you save $1310.

This bundle is a great starter package for those of you who have been thinking about getting started on your rec room. The ping pong conversion top is an excellent way to save space and provide versatility to your game room.

Bundle #2: Pool Table + Designer Pub Set + Ping Pong Conversion Top
Our second bundle includes the same pool table and conversion top as the first, but we have added a designer pub set with table and barstools regularly valued at $795. The regular price for this package would normally be $4600 but purchase before September 3 and receive all three for $2995—a savings of $1605.
Bundle #3: Pool Table + 12 ft. Soho Shuffleboard + Ping Pong Conversion Top

The piece de resistance of our three bundles, this package is regularly priced at $5800 but you can take it home for a mere $3495—a savings of $2305! If you have been waiting to put together the game room of your dreams, wait no more—savings like this won’t come around again for a while!

In addition to these terrific bundles, our Labor Day Sale also features savings on Tempo brand bar stools, 10 percent off all billiard accessories (lighting, cue racks, pool cues, and more), and a home theater seating truckload sale that includes a 3-piece leather set with power recline starting at just $2295. Don’t forget to ask about our financing plans!

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Going Soft Can Change Your Pool Game: Kamui Black Super Soft Billiard Tips

If you have always played with a medium or hard pool cue tip and have noticed that maybe you are not getting the result you would like when applying certain angles or English to your shots, then maybe it’s time for you to consider a different billiard tip density or brand. There are a lot of various advantages and disadvantages to every density and type of pool cue tip, but ultimately it’s all about the way it affects your shot and the result it gives you in the end.

 Every player is different and their technique may require a different standard as far as equipment goes.  I noticed for me, the majority of league players I’ve met, and the research I have done concerning pool cue tip preference for professional pool players is that softer tips enable more cue ball control and action; as well as, the ability to accurately pocket balls when applying English. More specifically; I noticed a dramatic improvement and feel in my ability to apply angles to difficult “cut shots”, and pocket my bank shots with lower cue ball “squirt” (also known as deflection) when I decided to try the Kamui Black Super Soft Pool Cue Tip. Made of 10 layers of high quality laminated pig-skin leather and a density score of about 67.5. Its high porosity and high elasticity, combined with its engineering process— which also counteracts the negative effects of humidity— and density level enhances this pool cue tip’s ability to grip and efficiently contact the cue ball for a longer time span in order to convert more momentum into force, giving you superior cue ball control and accuracy; meaning excellent “leave” or “shape” on your next shot and pocketing more balls. It is significantly more chalk absorbent because of its higher level of porosity— preventing the chance for miscues— and has the ability to hold its shape and not mushroom for a lot longer than what you would normally notice with the majority of soft or super soft tips, reducing the need to perform frequent maintenance. Other brands of soft and super soft pool cue tips generally allow players to put more English, spin and draw on the cue ball, but constantly need to be scuffed and shaped. The Kamui Black Super Soft Tips have the best of all aspects, making it a pretty legitimate and sound investment.

 Stay tuned for more on this topic and how it relates to old and new technology pool cues next week. Happy shooting from the Billiard Factory!

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Billiards on the Big Screen

Sometimes you want to learn about how to get better at billiards, sometimes you want to play a game or two yourself, and sometimes you want to be entertained by watching someone else play billiards! This week we have assembled a list of some great movies that feature the game of pool. How great would it be to host a billiard party that featured a movie about billiards—maybe you watch it after a friendly, at-home tournament (in your new home theater, perhaps!) or maybe screen it while you play. No matter what, these movies will be a hit with your pool playing, pool-loving pals.

Poolhall Junkies (2002)

Starring Chazz Palminteri, Rick Schroder, and Rod Steiger, the film centers on a former pool hustler who returns to the game to get his brother out of trouble; written and directed by Mars Callahan. Christopher Walken also appears, as well as professional pool players such as Mike Massey.

The Color of Money (1986)

Definitely one of the most well-known movies about pool, “The Color of Money” stars Paul Newman as Fast Eddie Felson and Tom Cruise as Felson’s protégé, Vincent Lauria; also starring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and John Turturro, and directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Hustler (1961)

“The Hustler” stars Paul Newman as Eddie Felson in the prequel to “The Color of Money.” In addition to Newman the star-studded cast includes Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C. Scott; directed by Robert Rosen.

Stickmen (2001)

You may not recognize any of the names from this 2001 indie film about pool, but that won’t stop you from enjoying this excellent film, directed by Lee Tamahori. Three men (Robbie Magasiva, Paolo Rotondo, and Scott Wills) are pulled into an underground pool tournament which leads them into a world of excitement and danger.

The Baltimore Bullet (1980)

The story of two young hustlers trying to set up a big game for their own big score, “The Baltimore Bullet” stars James Coburn, Omar Sharif, and Bruce Boxleitner. Coburn plays the titular character, Nick Casey, in this story of a mentor and his pupil (Boxleitner) who are looking to take down an ex-con known as “The Deacon” (Sharif). Real-life pool players also appear in this film—think Steve Mizerak, Irving Crane, Jimmy Mataya, and Willie Mosconi; directed by Robert Ellis Miller and written by John Brascia.


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BCA Now Allows Break Cues with Phenolic Tips

You may or may not have been aware that the “Phenolic Tip Ban” on break cues was lifted June 1st, 2012; meaning you could purchase or use break cues consisting of a phenolic tip in league play without being penalized, according to 2012-2014 Official Rules of the BCA Pool League. However, this only applies to the BCAPL and USAPL affiliations that is operated by CueSports International, LLC (CSI) which encompasses the BCA Pool League (BCAPL) that provides national championships in 8-Ball and 9-Ball; as well as, the USA Pool League and various regional and state championships or tournaments that you may have started at a local level, or seen at your local pool hall.

 So what Break Cues are available for your BCAPL and USAPL playing pleasure? Most of the same big names and brands you are already familiar with have a variety of cue lines and models that suit just about any requirement, specification or desire you or your affiliation may need. If you are indeed interested in a Break Cue with a Phenolic Tip, some recommendations to check out on our website would be:

 Click on the product names to view more information and pricing

 There still are some other pool cue/equipment regulations that you may need to be aware of aside from the one specifying cue tip composition. You can find the 2012-2014 Official Rules of the BCA Pool League by visiting www.playbca.com where you can also become a BCA member or find the nearest league in your area. We will be adding more Break Cues of all tips, shapes and sizes. Stay tuned for the latest products and updates.

 Happy Shooting from the Billiard Factory!

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Billiard Practice Tips

Like any game, practice is the key to improvement. Playing games against friends, or other teams in your league, is a great way to practice the game, but what about the fundamentals? Just like basketball players spend hours shooting free throws, and football players spend hours doing conditioning drills, your pool game requires additional practice techniques to help you improve your overall performance.

To assist you in finding the best resources for billiard practice and pool drills, we went online. The billiard community has an active online community, where you can find tips from enthusiasts and pros alike on how to take your game to the next level with a dedicated practice routine.

General Tips

Most billiard websites include sections with etiquette “best practices.” If you are new to the game, these are a great place to start so you can learn the do’s and don’ts of basic pool etiquette.

Practice and Drills

So you’ve learned the basics about the rules of the game(s) of billiards, and you are comfortable with the game’s rules of etiquette. Next it’s time to turn to practice—not just playing frequently, but practice. To find great practice drills and instructions, check out some of these excellent resources.

  • Billiard Tips Practice Drills: Sub-titled “groundwork for the master” these drills are for the serious billiard enthusiast/longtime player who wants to improve consistency.
  • Pool Student Center Line Drills: Great for experts or beginners, these four drills are best for those who have already mastered the fundamentals.
  • Pool Clinics Instructional Articles: Professional Billiard Instructor Tom Simpson’s website is chock full of useful information and tips; his articles section has great information on everything, including the importance of practice.
  • San Francisco Billiard Academy Drills: A helpful PDF document with drill instructions, complete with diagrams.

Good luck, and get practicing!

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Poison Bolt 3 and 4 Pool Cues- Newly Released!

Poison Billiards just inducted two new additions to their Bolt Pool Cue lineup. The new Poison Bolt 3 and 4 cue models are currently set to arrive late August and early October of this year, allowing the Billiard Factory to be among the first to grace its online shelves, as well as, their brick and mortar showrooms with these lethally configured full metal jacket pool cues.

 The Poison Bolt Cues are by far one of the most unique and attractively crippling Sneaky Petes on the market. These next gen designs stand apart from the rest, not because they are grandiosely flashy, but because they are simplistically sleek with a modern approach to a traditional style. Featuring sharply outlined points of exotic Rengas, sliced across a sultry Cocobolo forearm and Birdseye Maple butt sleeve; or a luxurious palette of Mother-of-Pearl points brightly beaconing a grey marble stained forearm atop a butt sleeve boasting robust flavors of black maple.

 Look “under the hood” and you’ll find a highly polished stainless steel Quick Release Uni-Loc® Bullet Joint, assertively designed to maintain a bolt-tight, unfaltering degree of straightness. Saving the best for last is Poison’s exclusive high-tech Venom™ Double Density ™ Shaft; a corrosive recipe engineered by Predator, calling upon two different densities of wood within a single shaft, resulting in optimum stiffness and insidious playability. The Poison Bolt 3 and 4 pool cues are locked and loaded with an all over weight distribution, a fierce and concise impact and straight arrow construction.

 Poison will send your opponent into septic shock when they see how you effortlessly ripped the felt off the table along with their pride. Check out the Bolt 3 and Bolt 4 Pool Cues here, or under our Accessories–> Pool Cues category to view more information. Pick your vial of Poison from the Billiard Factory.

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Billiards Online: Resources and Online Billiard Communities

If you love playing billiards, you probably love learning more about the game—and how to improve yours! There are excellent online resources to be found where you can “meet” and communicate with other players around the world. Whether you are looking for tips to make your game better, information on the history of the game, or interaction with other pool players, you will find it online. We have compiled a list of resources we hope will help you improve your game, meet new people, and deliver great information on the game of billiards.

Billiards and Pool Principals, Techniques, Resources by David G. Alciatore, PhD (“Dr. Dave”)

Find online instructional resources and reference materials for learning, teaching, and excelling at pool and billiards. “Dr. Dave” includes instruction on the physics of the game, to help you build a solid foundation of the basics; resources for instructors as well as students are available, including instructional videos.

Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource by Ernie Reynolds

A total billiards resource, the website is written by billiards enthusiast Ernie Reynolds, who breaks things down in categories listed in the left-hand side bar. Instruction, technique, games, rules, equipment, history, resources, and etiquette are just a few of the topics Ernie covers. The site is casual and laid back, and perfect for billiard players of all levels.

Pool & Billiards Resources

This site is an aggregation of online resources on the Internet. The webmaster links to areas of interest (Tips/Instruction, Video, events, supplies, etc.) that are organized into categories. We love the “Pool Magazines and Other Cool Sites” section, where you will find an alphabetized list of popular online pool resources.

Billiard Club Network on YouTube

Here you will find amazing instructional videos and footage from the Billiard Club Network, on their dedicated YouTube channel. A great resource for players who love to watch, and learn from, the best.

Bookmark our blog and sign up for the Billiard Factory newsletter to learn about Houston-area tournaments and in-store events.

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The Question of Chalk

So—why do people chalk their pool cues, anyway? For some billiard players chalking the cue is almost a compulsion—they always seem to be chalking up the cue, whether they are about to shoot or just took their shot, or if they are just thinking about taking their shot. Is there such a thing as too little chalk? How about too much? Let’s take a look at chalk, its place in the game of billiards, and good chalking etiquette.

Why do we chalk the cue?

The simple answer to why we chalk our pool cue is summed up in one word: physics! Specifically we are talking about friction—chalking the pool cue provides a surface roughness, which applies motion-resistance between the pool cue on which it is applied and the contact area on the cue ball. Chalking the cue makes the shot aimed by the player more accurate by preventing a miscue, or faulty contact caused by the tip of the pool cue slipping off of the ball. So chalking is necessary, but how much is too much?

To chalk, or not to chalk

There is a happy medium of chalking the pool cue; if you are chalking before and after every shot (for some, it’s almost a nervous habit) you are probably chalking the cue too much. As a general rule of thumb, chalking after every other shot is considered standard; if you are going to take a shot that requires a lot of added spin, a bit of extra chalk can help. When a shot needs extra spin, that shot is hit off-center which requires the extra friction a bit of chalk can provide.

Not too much, not too little—chalk that’s just right

A light coating of chalk on the end of your pool cue is plenty—you don’t need to grind out a hollow in the chalk. Grinding the tip of your cue into chalk is going to accelerate wear on your cue, too. Another thing to consider is the hardness grade of your pool cue tip; softer tips hold chalk better, thus requiring less frequent chalking. If you have a harder pool cue tip it will last longer, but not hold chalk as well and thus require more frequent chalking. The takeaway here is that knowing your equipment and using it with care will result in a good, consistent billiard game, as well as extend the life of the equipment itself.

Billiard Factory has everything you need to outfit your billiard, game, or recreation room. Stop in to one of our showrooms today!

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Home Theaters: Billiard Factory, Signature Home Theater, and Great Savings

A home theater is a small luxury that pays off big in so many ways. For the family who loves movies, the investment is money well spent to enjoy movies at-will and at home. For folks who love to entertain, a home theater allows you to throw great parties, with a cool built-in theme: Christmas movie marathons at Christmas, horror movie screenings on Halloween, and animated movie days for kids’ parties.

Billiard Factory’s new partnership with Signature Home Theater has allowed us bring you a new and improved showroom experience. The exciting “showroom within a showroom” concept allows you to see the possibilities of a home theater, right there on our showroom floor. The three featured rooms will help give you an “in-context” experience via: a remodeled Billiard Factory game room; a home theater with murals and a starlight ceiling; a listening room to test out new speaker systems. Is a home theater for you? A visit to this showroom will help you answer that question for yourself.

And when it comes to home theater seating, Billiard Factory can’t be beat. Our selection of home theater seating by Paliser regularly starts at an affordable $570, but you can enjoy savings that are going on now with a sale on home theater seating that starts at $499!

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right seating for your home theater, and Signature Home Theater professionals are on hand to help. You’ll start with figuring out how much space you have, which will dictate the types of seats, and the arrangement of them, within your home theater space. Then, depending on your budget, it is time to decide on extras like leather grade, storage (drinks, snacks, remote controls), and reclining options.

Stop in to see us, and our Signature Home Theater partners, at Billiard Factory to get started on your custom home theater design. By the time we’re done, all you will have left to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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Designing a Home Bar

So you’ve decided you want to add a wet bar to your rec room, home theater, or billiard room—what comes next? First, you have to think about the design you want and the space available, and work to merge those two things together. For example, if you have a large space but you want an intimate feeling, you will want to use darker colors, maybe add several smaller tables, and use dim lighting; conversely, if you have a small space that you want to feel bigger, light colors, delicate lines, and mirrors will help you create the illusion of space.

After you have decided on the style, you will begin choosing bar furniture. The furniture choice will depend first on the type of bar you install—wood vs. marble, free-standing vs. built-in, etc.—and then on budget, and finally on the amount of available space. Multiple cocktail tables will give you more seating and mingling options for larger crowds, while a single, large table or bar will create a larger social atmosphere when entertaining multiple guests. Regardless of the size or style of your final design, choosing barstools for the bar—and any additional seating areas—will follow.

Though it may seem simple enough, your choice of barstool is important and requires a little bit of thought and planning ahead. Seating that looks great is nice, but seating that feels great too? Now that’s important, especially in a room designed for fun and relaxation. Here are a few factors to remember when choosing barstools:

  1. Height: Measure the height of the surface(s) you are matching to the stools; a gap of about 10-13 inches between the stool seat and the counter is ideal. There has to be room for legs to fit comfortably in that space, so measure and choose your barstool accordingly.
  2. Materials: Ask yourself if the barstools will be inside, outside, or both; this may have an influence on your choice of materials (vinyl vs. metal vs. wood).
  3. Physics: As in, space—how much space is available, and how do the room’s traffic patterns influence the amount when you have a group? If you are thinking about swiveling barstools remember that you need to account for the movement of the seat when you measure.

Billiard Factory carries a huge selection of styles of barstools, in a wide array of heights. Stop in to speak to one of our staff and get started on your own home bar design.

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Meet Olhausen Billiards

When it comes to high-quality, American-made billiard tables, Olhausen Billiards sets the standard. The company was founded by two brothers—Butch and Don Olhausen—who got their start working for their father, setting up and re-covering old pool tables in New Mexico. No matter where the family lived, Butch and Don’s father had a shop to practice his trade—the trade that his sons would take forward into the future, and grow into a successful company. Now that’s an American success story.

Today Olhausen Billiard sells almost 30,000 tables every year in their 250,000 square foot facility, located in Portland, Tennessee. Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing, Inc. remains a family-owned and operated company, where the employees pursue a tradition of dedication to quality, service, selection, and value.

Billiard Factory is proud to be an Olhausen Billiard dealer, and we feature a wide array of choices from the Olhausen line. You can own a beautiful, durable, American-made billiard table from Olhausen, and enjoy prices starting at around $2000. If you are looking for a more up-market model—something more suitable for an experienced, longtime billiard enthusiast—we have an Olhausen table to meet your needs.

American made billiard tables using American hardwood, by an American family who has dedicated their lives to delivering the highest quality product possible—that’s the Olhausen difference. Visit a Billiard Factory showroom today to see it for yourself. Take a moment and check out this short video that explores the proud Olhausen Billiards heritage.

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Welcome to the new and improved Billiard Factory website, and our new blog. Our goal for this blog is to bring you weekly updates on what’s new in the world of home entertainment and gaming, as well as what is going on at a Billiard Factory store near you. Check in weekly to find out about our latest promotional offers, in-store events, and great information on everything from billiards to home theaters and more.

Our new site has some wonderful features to help you plan, shop, and even design your next gaming or home entertainment space. Let’s take a brief tour, to help you familiarize yourself with some of the new features. Don’t forget to add the Billiard Factory website to your bookmarks!


We have divided our online merchandise into sections to help you find what you are looking for even faster. Whether you are looking for a new pool table, bar stools, furnishings, games, or accessories you can peruse our products online before you even step foot in a showroom! We even carry a limited set of artwork for you to decorate your new entertainment space.

One of the hottest trends in home entertainment right now is the home theater. Great for family fun night, movie screenings, and even award show parties, we can help you create an amazing home theater from the seating to the room planning you will find the tools you need to get started on our website. Don’t hesitate to visit our showroom, where our knowledgeable staff will answer all of your questions!

Room Planning

In addition to our online room planning guide for home theaters, we also have a room planning guide for billiard rooms. We give you the proper dimensions for table size and cue length, along with recommendations for room size; download the PDF version of the form and don’t forget to check out our bar stool buying and pool table buying guides.


 Billiard Factory Game Room Planning

Professional Service

Your pool table isn’t just another piece of furniture, so from time to time you will require professional services like re-felting, moving, and leveling, among others. You can contact the professional staff at Billiard Factory to schedule an appointment with a technician who is authorized to perform the proper care and maintenance of your equipment. Many manufacturer’s warranties require that an authorized technician perform these duties; keep your warranties valid—use Billiard Factory!

Check back weekly for more great gaming and home entertainment tips, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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