VPCabs Classic Pinball Machine

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Don't let the name fool you. The VPcabs Classic is no pinball slouch. It may not quite be a Wizard but it has a few tricks to show off! With 3 displays that change with every game, the Classic virtual pinball machine will dazzle your eyeballs with stunning High Definition graphics. Choose from hundreds of classic pinball games and the entire state of the art Pinball FX2 library!

With a built in 3 channel sound system that includes a pair of huge 6.5" stereo speakers and a booming 8" subwoofer, you'll feel some of the magic this incredible machine has to offer. The magic doesn't stop there though. The Classic is powered by an Intel i3 processor and an advanced Nvidia graphics card so it can handle anything that comes it's way. If you're looking for years of fun at an incredible price, this virtual pinball machine will bring the magic home to you!